The Forgotten Disney Dinosaur Movie



  • Brian Mcnicholl
    Brian Mcnicholl 9 months ago+2298

    I think we can all agree... this is still better than the good dinosaur.

  • Be Khaos In Game
    Be Khaos In Game 6 months ago+342

    Is it just me or does the CGI animation in this movie STILL look incredibly amazing, even by today’s standards?

  • Brandon Andersen
    Brandon Andersen 5 months ago+769

    "When the Carnotaurus from earlier starts to attack the group it is also him who makes a stand and gets all the other Dinosaurs to try and... intimidate him away? What is it exactly they are doing?"
    Actually, that's a pretty effective way to fend him off. Predators don't randomly chase and kill prey in a herd setting. They run in, scatter the herd, and single out anyone too slow or weak to outrun them. Remember the first scene in the movie? You'll see that often with lions hunting zebras. A herd does not usually consolidate to protect each other. When a predator arrives, it's every man for himself, which spells trouble for the slow or weak. Aladar knows this, and so he directs the herd to stand together. One dinosaur trying to fight you off won't do diddly, but a hundred dinosaurs at once? That's a whole lot of diddly.
    And let's not forget the Carnotaurus's circumstances. He just survived a rock fall the previous night and you can still see the abrasions and bruises and contusions all over his skin. He's already tired and worn out. He needs a quick bite that's not going to fight back, and so he employs the tried and true predator tactic of divide and conquer: scatter the herd and pick off whoever's alone and weak enough to subdue. Imagine his surprise when, not only the apparent Alpha male directly challenges him, but his whole herd joins in. This would be bad enough if he wasn't already beat up and exhausted. They're all roaring furiously at him, and he knows that if he attacks any one of them, the rest will jump him. He has no choice but to back off and hope that maybe there's going to be some straggler for him to pick off, which, to his apparent fortune, there is; clambering alone on the rocks.

  • Shinndig 129
    Shinndig 129 1 months ago+38

    This CGI film had more emotional depth & soul than nearly the entirety of the Lion King remake.

  • Would die for some bread
    Would die for some bread 2 months ago+108

    It came out in 2000 and honestly? The CGI looks still hecking amazing. I loved that movie, still love it.

  • The Dinosaur Heretic
    The Dinosaur Heretic 7 months ago+292

    If Disney were to reboot another one of their movies, a scientifically accurate Dinosaur would be the only Disney remake I’d be in full support of. Have the whole movie like the first 5 minutes of the current one, completely without dialogue and have the visuals and the music tell the story, with dinosaurs that actually coexisted with each other at the end of the Cretaceous period, and you’d have a very happy palaeo-community and a very happy Disney-community. Like The Right of Springs but feature length and accurate.

  • Eye Attacker
    Eye Attacker 2 months ago+77

    Wait, it's not some memory my brain just made?

  • Alimare
    Alimare 8 months ago+121

    I LOVE Dinosaur. It was my favorite film at the time it came out. The animation is just superbly well done for what they had at the time. Also, they're not monkeys! They're lemurs! Sifaka lemurs, to be exact. Why Zini calls himself a monkey is beyond me. It actually always bothered me because while primates, lemurs are not monkeys. The music in this movie was fantastic, too. Just amazing. Is it a perfect film? No way! But is it still a good time and something to admire for what it is? You bet!

  • TigerBites4000
    TigerBites4000 3 months ago+89

    The character design is so much better than the remade Jungle Book and Lion King. It still balances realism but each character is expressive and you can tell them apart. I hate the fully realistic thing they’re doing now.

  • Bulborb87
    Bulborb87 9 months ago+1486

    It's very surprising that a CGI movie made by disney in the early 2000's still really holds up and looks great to this day
    it is definitely a hidden gem of a movie and is underrated, hell i remember watching this movie on VHS countless times when i was younger and i still loved it

  • ColdplayFan360 RollerCoasterFreak

    This movie was dark as hell I remember when I first saw this when I was very young and it was amazing and I watched it a couple years back and it was as good as I remembered I even thought this was real when I was little and I definitely does the meteor part is insane and beautiful

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith 2 months ago+40

    At least this movie had more accurate velociraptors than Jurassic park

  • Lorenmakesart
    Lorenmakesart 3 months ago+50

    Great review!
    Though for the record, “A Goofy Movie” came out in 1995, you’re thinking of its sequel “An Extremely Goofy Movie” (the one where Max goes to college).

  • SimpleKhajiit
    SimpleKhajiit 8 months ago+58

    oliver and company was the shit bro. i loved that movie. as soon as i seen that clip i just got hit with the feels. tbh, a lot of these "oh yeah _ was a thing" videos are mostly over movies i loved.

  • iTzNikkitty
    iTzNikkitty 10 months ago+1338

    It's pretty impressive how they were able to get the dinosaurs' emotions to show on their faces despite their realistic design.

  • G O F I S H
    G O F I S H 4 months ago+21

    I personally loved this as a kid and my parents got tired of me repeating this on the DVD player
    edit: the monkeys are actually lemurs

  • Cheese McCheesey
    Cheese McCheesey yesterday+1

    I loved this movie so much tbh! I feel like it still holds up, though it scared me so much at times 😂 when the bad guys look through the waterfall I had nightmares for months

  • ItsJack
    ItsJack 4 months ago+40

    This is one of my fav movies of Disney :3 Better than so many "actual" Disney Movies

  • Anata No Senei
    Anata No Senei 2 months ago+25

    Did you just say oliver and company wasn't a great show? You're dead to me

  • HolsappleArt Studios
    HolsappleArt Studios 8 months ago+18

    Looking back at it, it was impressive that Disney was able to make a film with not just CGI details but able to put emotion in the characters; especially in the early 2000's. Definitely foreign soil where Disney wouldn't normally go, but that's what the studio does; pushes towards what's impossible, and make it possible!!
    Sure, the story is a bit cliche, but how it's executed is what made it sought-out movie back in the day