The Ultimate Indonesian Food Day Trip - HUGE Nasi Liwet Feast!

  • Published on:  6/19/2016
  • ►Check out my list of 50 incredible Indonesian foods:►Ken's channel: my trip to Jakarta, I mostly remained in the city. But Ken and Gratiana from invited my wife Ying and I to go with them and their family on an Indonesian food trip to Bogor and the surrounding region (about an hour from Jakarta).Our first stop when we drove out of Jakarta and to Bogor was a famous place to eat Bogor style laksa at a restaurant called Laksa Bogor Pak Inin. It was exactly my kind of a restaurant, open air and local, with a wonderful friendly environment. The laksa was unlike any other laksa I’ve ever had, and it was fantastic. Laksa Bogor - 10,000 IDR ($0.72)Next, we stopped at a place called Toge Goreng Pak Abung, which is another legendary Indonesian food stop in Bogor, Indonesia, and they are famous for serving a bean sprout snack. It was definitely a very interesting dish, including a mixture of bean sprouts and fermented soy beans. Toge Goreng - 7,000 IDR ($0.51)Next we drove into the beautiful Indonesian countryside and to the house. After having some Indonesian snacks and refreshing coconut, we then took a hike to go look for honey. The beekeeper was sick on the day we went, so we we’re able to get any honey, but it was still a beautiful hike.The highlight of this Indonesian food trip for me was the Sundanese style Nasi Liwet Botram family feast that we had. All the food was laid out on banana leaves, and we all sat and ate some of the most beautiful and flavorful Indonesian food. It was an incredible culinary experience.We drove back to Bogor and stopped at Warung Nasi Ampera to eat a quick dinner, and because I wanted to try some ikan pepes. The food was alright, but nothing compared to the lunch feast we had eaten! Total price - 103,000 IDR ($7.46) for 3 plates of foodFinally, back in Jakarta, we stopped near Manga Besar to have some desserts and to finish of this incredible day of Indonesian food. Sekoteng - 12,000 IDR ($0.87), Wedang Ronde - 12,000 IDR ($0.87)It was an incredible Indonesian food trip to the outskirts of Bogor, and a nice opportunity to get out of Jakarta for the day.A big thank you to Ken, Gratiana, and her family for inviting us to their house country house and for the amazing food.--KEN:Videos : I use: e-mail updates: MEDIA:Snapchat: @migrationologyInstagram:►Jakarta Travel Guide:►50 of the Best Indonesian Dishes: you for watching this Indonesian food video!


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    Love to Indonesia from Palestine ❤❤❤

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    love from Pakistan. i had been in indonesia 4 years. i had visited Bali, joyjakarta, malang, bogor, jakarta and lots of places. i miss weather in bogor. i used to live in surabaya city. saya suka indonesia. rindu indonesia. love from Pakistan

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    im from malaysia... makanan indonesia mmg sangat sedap, ayam penyet bakso... satay kambing pun sedapp pergghhh gila ini indonesia makanan sedap sangat

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    Masha Allah masha Allah,, I'm from (Nepal) Indonesia same like nepal beautiful mountain and green...River.... only some food different,, loving to Indonesia ❤ ❤ ❤, from Nepal

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    Love from Pakistan our beloved brothers of Indonesia live long Indonesia

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    Im proud to be married to a indonesian wife, alhamdulilah. Love u indonesia from a turkish guy!

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    Greetings from Suriname. My ancestors are from Indonesia. In my country we call the pomelo pompelmoes...we also have the Indonesian kitchen here in Suriname

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    Really nice to know that you like my country and also the food...well come back 😊

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    I have a lot of Indonesian friends here in Taiwan . They're so sweet . Greetings from Philippines. 🤩🤩

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    i'm malaysian but it is alwaysss a mouthwatering to see indonesian food. i loveee it

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    My mouth is watery 😍😍 love you Indonesia from UAE

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    Hallo Assalamuallaikn i am from Indonesia .thanks and 5.07 is peanut sauce sir(sambal kacang)

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    Greetings and love from Bosnia and Hersegovina!
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    Indonesia supposed to be in the top 10 list of the most friendly people in the world

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    What I've observed is that majority of Indonesian people couldn't speak english!

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    I heard Indonesia foods are healthy and organics. From India