70th Emmy Awards: Bill Hader Wins For Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Bill Hader wins the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series for Barry.


  • Ro G 9 months ago

    This speech has everything, asbestos, lupis, the magazines from Super Cuts....Dan Cortese....

  • jerik banzam 6 days ago

    @terpdx sydney applebum?

  • terpdx 6 days ago

    @jerik banzam What's his name?

  • malak 9 months ago


  • Patsy 9 months ago

    He is so talented and has been underrated for so long, it's about time.

  • pizzamancjm 8 months ago


  • Sascha Dorian 9 months ago

    I can't tell if Larry David looks pissed or if he just looks Larry David

  • Russell Masc 17 days ago

    whats even odder is that the Barry co-writer is the ex-writer of Seinfeld, so maybe jealousy?

  • s geetha 22 days ago

    He just "carried that rage" lmao!

  • Ella Lancaster 9 months ago

    He looked so genuinely surprised that he won

  • New Message 9 months ago

    Hader's gonna Hade.

  • Kirsten S. 9 months ago

    LA’s hottest club is “The Emmys” This place has EVERYTHING...A hologram of Lorne Michaels, reparations, lighting and camera experts.......THE FONZ!!!House Lannister, the cast of Queer Eye, some dude named Glenn and his hot fiancée... the first woman of Asian descent to be nominated for best lead actress in a drama seriesEVERYTHING

  • petrina smith 24 days ago

    what's the password? :D

  • utubefreshieagn 8 months ago

    And midgets. There's gotta be midgets. (It's probably politically incorrect to say that but since when was Stefon politically correct anyways). Lol

  • Rifat 9 months ago

    "My Lord, The Queen is dead"... That single line He delivered in Barry is worth this emmy.

  • MrTalkingCorn 22 days ago

    Those are not comedy scenes though

  • Nea Emrys 1 months ago

    I was absolutely blown away by his acting, absolutely gob smacked.

  • Soumi Mitra 9 months ago

    His Emmy was long due. He should have gotten one while he was in SNL.

  • millamya 9 months ago

    I was not even aware that I could fall more madly in love with Bill Hader, but here we are❤❤❤