Are Video Games Killing Us //DARK 5 | Snarled

  • Published on:  3/29/2019
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  • Cimerie 2 months ago

    I kinda miss the old dark 5 with all the greenscreening, editing, thee acting, etc..Or maybe that’s just me :’)

  • Itzhannahthe wolf 22 days ago

    Sameeeee , good ol' days

  • CHeesy yEEty 1 months ago

    Me tooo

  • Faustina K 2 months ago

    Fun fact, everything is killing us

  • Faustina K 3 days ago

    @yikesicles that is a yes :(

  • yikesicles 3 days ago

    Faustina K even my safety blanket?

  • lotte scheffer 2 months ago

    We want more Rachel where did top 5 go to?

  • Amy Anime Lover 2 months ago

    Please bring back the original Dark 5

  • XZDailygamesxX D 1 months ago

    Amy Anime Lover yup

  • D the lucario 12 1 months ago


  • xTatlTaelx 2 months ago

    Rachel's hair colour is so pretty

  • TawnyStream 2 months ago

    Hai random person scrolling through da comments....

  • Eating food is wow 2 months ago


  • jasmine playsv-gacha 2 months ago

    Nice to meet you

  • Strange Cöökïē 2 months ago

    -Oof- I died when I saw this I've missed dark 5 sooooo much!!😂😂😂

  • Todoroki Shoto 2 months ago

    when the title was are video games killing us? I was thinking about a scary story about someone using a haunted device instead of this lol

  • @julia Sorry to hear :-(

  • julia 2 months ago

    @Jenni Elina Holopainen i mean she said she lovvved him because he was a lion tamer

  • Sassy ARMY 2 months ago

    Why can I only hear from 1 ear tho

  • Lass Bisharp 2 months ago

    I thought it was because she's on the left side of the screen, and you hear people from the right side of the screen with the right ear. That doesn't seem to be the case though.

  • CENDY SILVA 2 months ago


  • TawnyStream 2 months ago

    7 views and 20 likes, YouTube, what are you up to?

  • TawnyStream 2 months ago

    @Ellie-marie Margerison ........ok?

  • @TawnyStream no I mean you commented another comment on this