Don't Leave Me...

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
  • YOUNGINS! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CREW! - #1475 - Today, Bridgette leaves me in the parking lot while Hurricane Florence approaches the east coast.Pickleboy on Twitter - on Twitter - on Twitter -'s Instagram -'s Instagram - Mail To: Michael GreenPO Box 51734Summerville, SC 29485Business:


  • EMA Aviation photography
    EMA Aviation photography 11 months ago+790

    dress up like a palm tree and scare dung

  • It's Roo
    It's Roo 11 months ago+228

    She needs to get a tattoo that says "My A*s Stinks" just like AGP :)

  • lavender town rocket commander

    Hurricane Michael will be even slower

  • Kim Wilkins
    Kim Wilkins 11 months ago+110

    How original!! Bridgette drives off without him!!

  • The Black Knight
    The Black Knight 11 months ago+9

    He seems to have lost his Ad rights in this Vid .
    Just checked all of them Demonitsed

  • Natasha Ekelund
    Natasha Ekelund 11 months ago+238

    Jennifer should dress up as a palm tree and chase Doug around 😂😂

  • cutlerylover
    cutlerylover 11 months ago+17

    Since you like holiday decorations so much Jenny should wear a pumpkin costume and sit on the front steps as a decoration for a day...

  • phoenix Nation
    phoenix Nation 11 months ago+7

    She has go on a real date with clidd at a restaurant and French kiss him 🤝

  • lui
    lui 11 months ago+10

    Why havent they uploaded😂😂 hurricane hit them mayeb!?

  • Christine P
    Christine P 11 months ago+5

    How predictable, her driving off for the umpteenth time leaving him standing there, like a dog chasing the car....

  • caleb adams
    caleb adams 11 months ago+187

    You should get Jennifer to help you catfish PFV or DOUG

  • katy lee
    katy lee 11 months ago+50

    Piglet drives off and leaves Michael take# 1250965!

  • TJ L Jacobs
    TJ L Jacobs 11 months ago+17

    Her pranks are so predictable why does he keep falling for them

  • The odd Comenter
    The odd Comenter 11 months ago+2

    Tomorrows vlog= OUR HOUSE IS DESTROYDhdhdbj!!!!!!!! only a few 🌳 branches were broken lol

  • bigpocketplayer 1
    bigpocketplayer 1 11 months ago+4

    Where are you. I hope that you are ok. I guess you just dont have internet to upload videos. Love you!!

  • MalluofAllmallus
    MalluofAllmallus 11 months ago+372

    Have jenniufier walk in walmart with fart spray on her body

  • Lillz
    Lillz 11 months ago+10

    Yo, I just realized Bridgette was 15 and Michael was 21 when they started dating. Yikes, dude.

  • Steve H
    Steve H 11 months ago+2

    Get a bucket full of palmetto bugs and throw them on Doug... Mr tough guy will suddenly turn into sissy boy.

  • Hunting Master101
    Hunting Master101 11 months ago+2

    You should make her do the Kiki drake song challenge but go far away from home and just let her walk home

  • Brianna N
    Brianna N 11 months ago+4

    Make Jenny go on a date with Matt