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  • palemoonlight96
    palemoonlight96 a years ago+6052

    "I'm trying with my English"
    girl you speak english better than most native speakers out there 😅😂👌🏻

  • Hone Whetstone
    Hone Whetstone a years ago+906

    She’s got a beautiful voice...

  • DlchMcV
    DlchMcV a years ago+1712

    If she is wearing a highlighter, I want it. If she has such perfect skin that it shines, I want it. What a beautiful woman!!

  • tejas tayade
    tejas tayade a years ago+612

    I want her voice to be my future AI assistant

  • Pwn star
    Pwn star a years ago+628

    "Is Alicia vikander nominated for an Oscar?"
    No!... But I won one of those two years ago. lol

  • Spring Giddinessify
    Spring Giddinessify a years ago+617

    She is so gorgeous ! That voice and accent ! Major girl crush 😍

  • maqz malone
    maqz malone a years ago+422

    alicia vikander is downright gorgeous.

  • Matilda Lantz
    Matilda Lantz 3 months ago+130

    "Swedish person asks for translation" - me all the time tbh

  • Adam
    Adam a years ago+244

    Just a heads up, Angelina's Lara Croft is based on the first Tomb raider video games that came out in 1996. Alicia's Lara Croft is based on the new games with the first one coming out in 2013. They are completely different ideas of the character and Alicia fits with the new games as Angelina fit with the older games.

  • Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
    Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss a years ago+4675

    When she met Michael Fassbender she was wearing a metal outfit so they got attracted to each other.

  • Saima Sarwar
    Saima Sarwar 2 months ago+89

    Why does this woman always look so soft? Like there's always a filter on?

  • roguedogx
    roguedogx a years ago+381

    so a a weird way, based on three languages alone, she's kind Lara already

  • Val T
    Val T a years ago+145

    alicia and michael are one of the hottest couples out there. my bi heart is in pain

  • Captain Marvel
    Captain Marvel a years ago+183

    She's so cute and sweet, I love her.

  • CHRIS -
    CHRIS -  a years ago+1754

    her skin looks like the smoothest thing ever

  • Aroosha Haider
    Aroosha Haider 5 months ago+90

    She is so gorgeous and her voice is so calm

  • lee a
    lee a a years ago+108

    When the actress is better than the character

  • Trev
    Trev a years ago+131

    I won't lie...I said I'll never watch the new Tomb Raider because nobody will be as good as Angelina Jolie.
    After the first 30 minutes I realized I was wrong. The deeper I got into the movie, the more wrong I realize I was. Ended up being my favorite TR movie.

  • markynio
    markynio a years ago+58


  • ÑightŞkxys
    ÑightŞkxys a years ago+88

    Alicia Vikander is AMAZING for Lara Croft, they left a cliff hanger in the movie, so I hope there a part 2!