Adventure Time's Finale EXPLAINED! (Easter Eggs, Lore, & Analysis!)

  • Published on:  9/4/2018
  • Adventure Time has officially reached its epic finale, and boy was there a lot to unpack in that 44 minute episode. Whether you’re an old fan who was left confused by some newer plot threads, or a die hard Adventure Time expert making sure you caught all the Easter eggs, NerdWire is here for all your post-finale episode dissection needs. I’m Kris Carr and this is the Adventure Time Finale explained.#AdventureTime#Golb#AdventureTimeFinaleAlso make sure to check us out on Roku: For More Obsev Now! ►►►►►►Check out our site: http://www.obsev.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram:


  • NerdWire 4 months ago

    Need a new show to fill the gap in your heart left by Adventure Time? Check out our recap on Steven Universe:

  • Dancin Demon 1 months ago

    😂😂Jake the brick 😁😁

  • Hoda Ahmed 2 months ago

    Where's the full episode

  • Ninja Tell Tales 7 months ago

    *I'm crying. I've grown up with this show*

  • Me too i watched when i was littel

  • Gray Sunshine 9 days ago


  • Jack Adel 5 months ago

    Who else still feels empty without it

  • FirE phoenix yesterday

    There's season 11

  • Sufia Karyn 12 days ago


  • Khalil Khalil 5 months ago

    What if Jake has lived on and that’s why jer, and Finn are buried together

  • BepTex 5 days ago

    Jake the brick is protecting the pups city you can see his eyeball in the entrenance of pups city in the last intro

  • Dennis Tuckish 9 days ago

    @Steve Smith it's not canon

  • sugar coat 5 months ago

    You know what was really missing in the finale?Jake revealing tier 15

  • Franz V. 17 days ago


  • Lucy Miller 22 days ago

    @Krill Brother literally the public school sex ed curriculum

  • CrisisGarden 5 months ago

    I’m a 41 year old British dad with three children aged 5, 12 and 22. AT is the only thing that all of us, including my wife, have in common. Our house is strewn with books, toys and memorabilia. It’s the only thing I will happily leave my 5yo daughter watching on her own, knowing that she’s being safely influenced by creative and pure stories and concepts. We all cried watching the final episode. I think it was perfect. Emotional, funny and thought provoking. I have nothing but respect for the creators...

  • Pan Makser 3 days ago

    oh, man, I feel you in my gut, this is a show that really really lingers in you, and you know it's a moment that will be a part of you for a long long time. such is the show's theme, it never ends, and we were always where we were, you and I will always be back then.

  • Puzzle LJ 18 days ago

    Where do you watch the episodes can’t find Them anywhere please help.

  • Blindness lol 5 months ago

    I’ve watched this show since I was like 5,my mum used to say it was just pointless storytelling,boy this show gave me a whole new life perspective

  • dravorx 6 2 months ago

    Blindness lol your moms fun isnt she..........

  • mrpalaces 4 months ago

    People not liking the finale because Finn didn't end up with PB? Really? Did you even watch the show? They clearly wrote how Finn matured and grew up over his infatuation with her, contrasting him with the superficial attractions felt by the Ice King. But I guess some "fans" prefer all the character growth to be thrown away just because their ship looks cute

  • Austin 3 months ago

    Daniel Muniz I assumed Finn was too immature for her to be with. Finn is 17. Bonnie is 1000+ years old, and so is Marceline. They’ve known each other way longer, and from the hints in the show, felt some sort of romantic feelings for one another.

  • Daniel Muniz 3 months ago

    First of all, Finn didn't got over her, she appears in his vault of fears and she was the voice saying "no fear" when rescuing Fern. Plus in the pillow dream, Finn's kids are called Jay and Bonnie, which refers to the two more important people in his life, Jake and Bubblegum. So no, he still has some feelings for her.Second, It isn't just a "cute ship", Finn and PB had a lot of moments together, you can see that in Pajama War and Burning Low, plus PB did love Finn in Too Young, th...

  • Terrible Content 4 months ago

    The End Of An Era.I Grew Up With This Show.I'm Crying.

  • Dylan Wintle 1 months ago

    I'm glad this show got the chance to finish. So many books are left open, this one deserved the honour of a good finale.