We Built The WORLDS TALLEST Pool Float!

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • SuniDey
    SuniDey 10 months ago+2980

    You’re lucky I was working. 😤

  • Username
    Username 11 months ago+870

    5:20 "There's a balcony up there"

  • Logan Shroyer
    Logan Shroyer 10 months ago+711

    leaning tower of pizza
    I'm sorry

  • Fortnite Monkey
    Fortnite Monkey 10 months ago+745

    And this is why women live longer than men 😂

  • Quin Stadtler
    Quin Stadtler 11 months ago+2132

    I can’t believe Sami left Craig and jiggle home alone

  • John Kareh
    John Kareh 11 months ago+537

    I can smell that plastic just by looking at it.

  • Annalyse Verstraeten
    Annalyse Verstraeten 10 months ago+119

    8:06 “Did y’all order some extra sausage pizza”

  • People of the Age
    People of the Age  11 months ago+220

    Times like this makes me wonder where Sammy is xD

  • Alexandria R.
    Alexandria R. 6 months ago+65

    Mini: this ain't gonna do shit
    Panda: there's a balcony up there...

  • irondog170
    irondog170 11 months ago+1088

    Here we see two happy thicc boys in their natural environment.

  • Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings 10 months ago+112

    0:43 damn Craig’s thiccc

  • Jordy327
    Jordy327 11 months ago+154

    Can I have that Boneless

  • B O B B
    B O B B 10 months ago+271

    Top 10 saddest anime death

  • Carl Waterson
    Carl Waterson 11 months ago+154

    Eat pizza on them. i dare you

  • K Far
    K Far 11 months ago+585

    some people have common sense, and then there is Craig

  • Devin Bossung
    Devin Bossung 3 months ago+17

    Craig: this isn't gunna do shit
    Anthony: there's a balcony up there

  • Shijou
    Shijou 11 months ago+146

    Quality asscrack at 6:13

  • Parker Hicks
    Parker Hicks 10 months ago+14

    How on earth was Sami not freaking out watching you do this because good god I was. It looks like y'all are about to break your necks!

  • B O B B
    B O B B 10 months ago+69

    6:12 top 10 overpowered anime characters

  • WheezeSqueeze
    WheezeSqueeze 11 months ago+235

    My favorite thing about this is that you guys are just kids trapped in adult bodies and I love it so much