Ariana Grande - Side to Side - Sexy Bike Riding Version

  • Published on:  9/18/2016
  • See original MV: biking/riding along to the full song, Side To Side. - Highest quality pulled directly off the Vevo site - 4k upscaled to minimize YouTube compression


  • Julie Thibodeau
    Julie Thibodeau 1 months ago+561

    The kind of gym you don't want your parents to know you have a membership to

  • AshleyDaGamer wolf
    AshleyDaGamer wolf 3 months ago+2294

    Sexy bike riding version hahaha

  • María elena Vázquez
    María elena Vázquez 2 months ago+1613

    I love Ariana Grande 💋💋June 2019????

  • Miranda
    Miranda 2 months ago+133

    Me and a group of friends did a dance to this song in junior high when this song came out for gym class. I went to Catholic school, and this is one of the songs the TEACHERS picked because it was “clean”... oh boy.

  • Laura Interiano
    Laura Interiano 1 months ago+140

    Ariana Grande is super beautiful,al,jus like her songs

  • Dyana Cruz
    Dyana Cruz 1 months ago+47

    Hermosa Beatiful Ariana🌹😃😍 Desde Mexico mi País donde se escucha a Ariana🎶Julio 2019

  • Quinn Sanford
    Quinn Sanford 3 months ago+744

    I'm just now realizing that I never payed attention to the lyrics..

  • Jeewan Gurung
    Jeewan Gurung 21 days ago+127

    I love Ariana Grande 2019 july 🥰🥰🥰

  • Daria Elena Pițigoi
    Daria Elena Pițigoi 2 months ago+685


  • Fernanda Cardoso
    Fernanda Cardoso 3 months ago+1476

    Ei você que é do Brasil eu te amo da um like vai não custa nada e ainda recebe um te amo 😍😘😊

  • Shane Collins
    Shane Collins 21 days ago+45

    ooh my god Ariana grande is so fricken Cute no joke .she's adorable

  • Selma
    Selma 7 days ago+20

    I literally just clicked on it because it has been a long time since i heard this and then i saw the “sexy bike edition” and i was like and i opp😦😦

  • Sia Arya
    Sia Arya 1 months ago+216

    Bike riding version 🤔 isn't it the original video of side to side😂😂😂

  • weepy willow
    weepy willow 4 days ago+6

    Lol motivation to pull up in that tesla.... could probably do it 5 pm tomorrow with all the information I have 🤣

  • Raja Ulya
    Raja Ulya 1 months ago+10

    The owner this channel more smart on putting the tittle this video

  • salvi ok?
    salvi ok? 3 months ago+284

    Ariana Grande v Roksana Węgiel?
    Ariana - like
    Roksana - kom
    Im Ariana 😍

  • Lego Attraction
    Lego Attraction 14 days ago+11

    Just Dance : Let's create Side to Side,
    Ari : Let's create a bike version
    Just Dance : Yeah good idea, !!

  • Paulina Losada
    Paulina Losada 1 months ago+97

    I love Ariana❤️❤️💋🦄。◕‿◕。(✷‿✷)😍

  • Rockys Rebels
    Rockys Rebels 3 months ago+152

    I’m so high I got 2:52 in and was like since when was the whole music video her on the bike... (I figured it out now) lol 😂 😂✌🏻🤟🏻🙏🏻

  • Scarlett Gomez
    Scarlett Gomez 3 months ago+105

    I've been here all nightttt (riHaNAAA)