Helicopter pilot killed after crashing into New York City skyscraper

  • Published on:  6/10/2019
  • Tim McCormack was the only one aboard the aircraft and there were no signs of terrorism, authorities said, though questions remained. https://abcn.ws/2R6R6B9WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 'WORLD NEWS TONIGHT':https://bit.ly/31nDsygWATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT:http://abc.go.com/shows/world-news-to...#ABCNews#WNT#Helicopter#NYC#News


  • sampie44 9 days ago

    New Yorker's heart skipped a beat today.

  • The Den 6 days ago

    Perfect way to put it

  • Southside Misery 6 days ago

    Ik why😂😂🤣

  • Rest in peace Tim. New Yorkers must have been absolutely terrified.

  • Donica Yskes 8 days ago

    Grape Otter I will pray for you.

  • Peter Truong 9 days ago

    The pilot did an amazing job minimizing the damage. Kudos sir, rest in peace.

  • Zach Ward 6 days ago

    @Zshoubin Farzandi damn yall are arrogant

  • Zach Ward 6 days ago

    @Gay Gay what Zacharius said was bullshit. But if you dive deep into christianity, it all makes sense

  • eydie sanders 9 days ago

    You have to know the first thought to cross their minds- dear God, not again. That had to be beyond horrifying.

  • H oh 6 days ago

    Us New Yorkers didn't give a shit, we're not pussies

  • Clovis 6 days ago

    I see this right after I watched Jon Stewart give an emotional speech trying to get medical coverage for first responders.

  • Narwhal Time :D 9 days ago

    Imagine witnessing 9/11, then seeing this, saying “please god...not again”

  • Narwhal Time :D 6 days ago

    Gx2 2xG imagine your country having multiple large terrorist attacks and being in the same down a few blocks down as a large one that made headlines 👏

  • Narwhal Time :D 6 days ago

    frick poo because: you’re in NY 18 years ago, witnessing 9/11. You see this. Imagine the memories and horror brought back

  • Ms Obama 9 days ago

    9/11 flashbacks for new Yorkers hope everyone is safe RIP my man Tim

  • John Jack 6 days ago

    Penguin King and you’re easily triggered by pictures of men you’ve never met

  • Penguin King 8 days ago

    @John Jack You have the ugliest profile pic I have ever seen!!!

  • tjj300 9 days ago

    I'm equally sure the weather was NOT a factor. This seems like a copter malfunction, and he crashed it on the roof to avoid crashing it on the street. A hero move.

  • Anthony A 5 days ago

    @Eric J. He had no experience flying IFR. Before you fly these you need to have a preplanned route that is strategically made.

  • Scarlet 6 days ago

    I live in a high-rise 2 blocks from the crash, on the 45th floor, and I can see the crash site on a clear day. But on that day, the fog was so thick that we could not see the ground or any lower buildings, and even when a bird flew by our window, I could only see it within a few yards. Then it would disappear. That type of fog is unusual here. I can't imagine anyone flying in it

  • Leonardo Smart 9 days ago

    Rip to the pilot. For sacrificeing himself instead of others dying as well

  • Anthony A 5 days ago

    @Max W When you do crazy shit like this, you are pretty much on your own with anything and everything you've learned prior. If you don't have enough (finding out when it's too late) you end up like this. People who don't have "enough" end up not only taking themselves out but others in the process too so anytime people say it's ok to Not know, is the dumbest thing to do but for the sake of mental peace when nothing bad happens, it's good. If, people made it into Heaven after they would be ...

  • Andrew Niebl 6 days ago

    RIP grammar😔😔

  • Poison Pixel 9 days ago

    What a hero. Sacrificed himself instead of killing others. Prayers to his Family. 🙏🏻

  • Poison Pixel 5 days ago

    Flyer he flew into the top of the building and died instead of crash landing in the middle of the road killing a bunch of people

  • Flyer 8 days ago

    How? Sorry did i miss something i thought he just crashed by accident and that was it with no knowledge/control of the area he crashed in.

  • Joe Schlotthauer 9 days ago

    "Firefighters shot water 700 feet, to put the fire out"I'd like to see that footage....

  • Me too. And how the cops were already on scene? Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ sigh.

  • Yeah right