• Published on:  9/15/2018
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  • The DDG Family
    The DDG Family  2 months ago+937

    Got a meeting with youtube this week... these yellow marks gon stop REAL SOON. I'll stop deleting soon

  • Sherrod Walker
    Sherrod Walker 2 months ago

    Dat boy Ty can really rap tho yall sleeeeep 😴

  • H _
    H _ 2 months ago

    Tre and ty high af

  • OG Neko
    OG Neko 2 months ago+1

    when he said curry better than lebron and jordan i unsubscribed😂😂

  • Jason Bricks
    Jason Bricks 2 months ago

    Aaaayyy you boys on here it cannot reach 50k likes we love DDG but he cannot link with Kennedy

  • Genevieve Gabb
    Genevieve Gabb 2 months ago

    Words of Kd👂🏾I’m grown pay my own bills 🤗 I come in at 6am whenever I choose to I’m not married👀 not a good look for Ddg✨

  • Genevieve Gabb
    Genevieve Gabb 2 months ago

    Nobody really cares👀 sorry bro🤔 about a video with Kd👀 doesn’t complement your swag💫

  • N
    N 2 months ago

    Can yall hurry up and get this to 50k likes it’s been weeks!!

  • Brian Rasesa
    Brian Rasesa 2 months ago

    Ty Fakka sloshed 😂

  • Deangelo Carter
    Deangelo Carter 2 months ago

    Go back with her

  • Wendell Cherilus
    Wendell Cherilus 2 months ago

    Come on y’all we can do it we tryna see ddg and Kennedy 10,000 more likes and we finna remind ddg too, he ain’t finna forget this

  • T-roy HB43
    T-roy HB43 2 months ago

    Never made it to 50k smh

  • Just Amor
    Just Amor 2 months ago

    Come on get the to 50k

  • N&M Daily Vlogs
    N&M Daily Vlogs 2 months ago+1

    So y’all not gonna get it to 50k ? 😑

  • Danaya Dobbs
    Danaya Dobbs 2 months ago

    Do another muckbangs w/ woop wop.😂♥️

  • Trendin Shit
    Trendin Shit 2 months ago+2

    50K WYA????

  • Zuri Charles
    Zuri Charles 2 months ago+1

    10k likes left

  • Dopest_ Sailor
    Dopest_ Sailor 2 months ago

    I need the full vogs from the end

  • Ypc Zay
    Ypc Zay 2 months ago+1

    We need 10k more to get that video

  • N&M Daily Vlogs
    N&M Daily Vlogs 2 months ago+1

    Cmon y’all get it to 50K