IN FABRIC Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie HD

  • Published on:  5/29/2019
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  • Tha zuala 1 months ago

    Weird .. thought Natalie Portman was in the movie.

  • AR1 U 1 months ago

    i will watch anything from A24

  • Christopher Ward 1 months ago

    Like a weird Clock Work Orange and Devil Wears Prada mix.....

  • A Stafford 1 months ago

    So 70s creep! I love it!

  • Isabella Morris 1 months ago

    This looks SO GOOD. Excited for this.

  • Greybeard 1 months ago

    This movie will be too long. Premise could easily be done and with more focus in a 30 minute short.

  • elle fanning 1 months ago

    A24? Not again but go ahead, release more!!!

  • Alice Lu 1 months ago

    this is such a great example for when someone try to remake certain classics but turn into disaster...

  • DroneEvil1 1 months ago

    Definitely seeing the Lynchian/Argento influence. Barbarian Sound Studio being as underrated as it is, and Stricklands masterful handling of Duke of Burgundy, shows his adept talent with the obscure and with material most directors couldnt pull off. I have zero doubt this will be a sleeper.

  • Julio Augusto 1 months ago

    They done throw a brick in the washing machine

  • Barbara Wilson 1 months ago

    Julio Augusto The Mangler did it first!