Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED



  • murderoustendencies
    murderoustendencies 5 hours ago

    Oh good, I was just wondering if he had ever taken a dig at Rick. I had litteraly forgotten he was British and remember almost falling down my chair when it struck me. I still can't wrap my head around it.

  • Nikita Lavrenov
    Nikita Lavrenov 7 hours ago

    Wow, how come there's no "cohere here" jokes in the comment section?

  • Spideog of Highgate
    Spideog of Highgate 7 hours ago

    To be fair to Gerald Butler there is like three different accents to every town in the republic of Ireland and every county has a completely different dialect, dublin town has one dialect on either side of the river Liffey let alone the amount of accents.

  • roger m
    roger m 7 hours ago

    The editing is amazing!

  • Dana M. Bringas
    Dana M. Bringas 9 hours ago

    It would be awesome if you took a look at Tom Hardy’s American accent in Venom 👀

  • Theatre squad 2003
    Theatre squad 2003 13 hours ago

    Can he please be my theatre teacher???????

  • raoxen
    raoxen 13 hours ago

    Erik's cute

  • Caitlin Carter-Reilly
    Caitlin Carter-Reilly 14 hours ago

    welsh accent?

  • Nahuel López
    Nahuel López 17 hours ago

    the topic is the least of my interest but the guy is pretty

  • samurai guy
    samurai guy yesterday

    Go back to always sunny in Philadelphia

  • Johnny Herm
    Johnny Herm yesterday

    Please destroy the whole movie of Fargo for their accent. Honestly pains me to watch the show and movie.

  • sardothien mild
    sardothien mild yesterday

    20:11 how do u write that

  • CronaBlackBlud
    CronaBlackBlud yesterday

    Can we get some Tom Hardy in Venom? What a man.

  • Ailis Mullins
    Ailis Mullins 2 days ago

    Love to know what you think of the actors in Hot Fuzz and their attempt at an Somerset accent

  • collin holson
    collin holson 2 days ago

    Wow I never knew that Daniel Tosh knew so much about accents

  • Julia Dye
    Julia Dye 2 days ago

    He should really talk more about the midwestern accent.

  • _3k
    _3k 2 days ago+1

    I enjoyed the video but the small “funny” editings of things being said in the movie clip in beween sentaces of the speaker are unneccesary, they only distract.

  • Łucja Uhlenberg
    Łucja Uhlenberg 2 days ago

    We want more of him 🙏

  • Athan Alexander
    Athan Alexander 2 days ago

    Digging the beard

  • Traids
    Traids 3 days ago

    Can you please get Erik to take look at Frontier, almost everyone’s accent is unbearable 😖