Was This a Harmless Senior Prank?

  • Published on:  6/10/2019
  • Did this high school prank go too far? Students at Gladstone High School in Oregon celebrated their impending graduation by going into the school early Friday morning and moving hundreds of desks out of classrooms and into the hallways. The seniors also replaced erasers with hot dogs. While many think senior pranks are harmless rites of passage, the school's principal didn't see this one as a laughing matter. Many think senior pranks are harmless rites of passage, but not the school principal.


  • Jesse Lopez 1 months ago

    Bruh the erasers with hotdogs would of been fine by itself 😂😂

  • tlc urnotalone 1 months ago


  • David 1 months ago


  • Elee 1 months ago

    I don’t know who’s dumber. The principal for how he’s reacted or the girl who decided to expose herself

  • Both there both dumb 😂

  • periodT Sus 1 months ago

    Elee well i mean she’s getting paid so...

  • I can tell the principle must have had a lot of fun in their senior year😑

  • Unknown 1 months ago

    @Obye the hot dog was a funny harmless prank, while the chair thing was funny and harmless it still is gonna be a pain to move it all back

  • Unknown 1 months ago

    @1000 subscribers with videos I doubt it. This is not a normal thing to do

  • Hatake Nigkashi 1 months ago

    I feel like a jerk. I read "senior" and thought someone was pranking old people. Lol

  • Maria Vargas 27 days ago

    Me 2

  • Oscar Karais 1 months ago

    same here

  • JackThe Commenter 1 months ago

    0:34 At least Carlos the hotdog seemed to be the most happy out of the situation, as long as hes happy i am.

  • Nathan Rubin 1 months ago

    Scandalous peach Naw fam, he is 100% Beef 🇺🇸

  • Scandalous peach 1 months ago

    Nathan Rubin doesn’t he comeFrom you???

  • Steven Matthews 1 months ago

    "Was this a harmless high school prank"Teenager: *_well yes but also no_*

  • @pumkin I think yes but the no is.....yes i do know I so wait...I yes I just want to know that I..I....dont no so yes mabye actually do a yes or the no I yes no mabye we should yes i know but no I do not know I want to no .

  • pumkin 1 months ago

    Israel Country cube Ohh ?

  • Prank! ITS A PRANK, MAN! BRO! BRO, ITS A PRANK!*gunshots*

  • CallMeWind 1 months ago

    Insert Clever Name Here I got u ur 1k likes

  • Fatima Aden 1 months ago

    Why did I hear this comment😂😭

  • Gary Turbo 1 months ago

    How is that vandalism? None of those desks were damagedBTW, those hot dog one is hilarious

  • Hidden Eyes 27 days ago

    sonny lee They usually let kids go in and do the prank. SMH

  • Fast doggo 1 months ago

    Gary Turbo the janitor is probably crying

  • Righty theswimmer 1 months ago

    Kids: this was just a harmless prankJanitor: Ah s**t here we go againThanks for the likes

  • PeachyPudding 1 months ago

    @Jose Camacho I shouldn’t be saying this but that’s funny 😂

  • shelly 1 months ago

    Righty theswimmer the students should be the one cleaning that up.

  • Duolingo Bird 1 months ago

    *My School*Me: **Drops a pencil**Head Teacher: Expelled, Police Called for Attacking teachers with Weapon

  • Super Mario 11 days ago

    Duolingo Bird pls give me my home back i did my japanese lesson :(

  • Peridot and Lapis 22 days ago

    Duolingo please don't tie me up in a basement with an AK-47 at my head for missing my French lessons