Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Ford F-250

  • Published on:  2/17/2018
  • I hate to see a brand new truck in a wrecked condition! However it was just the perfect candidate for me to buy and fix up. This clean title truck doesn't come around very often on the auction. So we took the opportunity to make this truck our own. We have a lot planned for this build, so stay tuned and be sure to like and subscribe. Also turn on post notifications! Get You A T-Shirt: https://goonzquad.comGoFundMe:


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    I'm looking at old vids and dang now they are rebuilding a lomborghini!

  • david raaymakers
    david raaymakers a years ago+8

    These boys got cash 👌 Keep it up!

  • SeaDooEric
    SeaDooEric a years ago+90

    Don’t be scared of aluminum panels, companies have been making vehicles out of aluminum for as long as vehicles have been around!

  • J.C. C.
    J.C. C. a years ago+3

    Damn I can’t wait!!! I also just subscribed keep up the good work!

  • Seth Harris
    Seth Harris a years ago+8

    That title said EAN Holdings which is the company that owns Enterprise Rent a car so that truck was probably a rental plus it still has some of the enterprise rental car stickers on the windows

  • Everythings Regular
    Everythings Regular a years ago+1

    Nice whip bro, I'm looking to get a truck newt project as well. Keep it up

  • Finn Malloy
    Finn Malloy a years ago+1

    this is easily one of my favorite channels btw is it possible you think you could find a copart cherokee xj?

  • DGDevil Gamer
    DGDevil Gamer a years ago +5

    Put some good wheels on this built

  • Jim P.
    Jim P. a years ago+73

    Makes you wonder..Why? Minimal damage to a very expensive truck. Sorta weird...

    MOTOWENS a years ago+37

    Such good content on this channel

  • Duo02
    Duo02 2 months ago+11

    How is that “wrecked”? For one thing it drives perfectly fine and has minor cosmetic damage.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 6 days ago

    That's it? Bit underwhelming...

  • Rogue
    Rogue a years ago

    Congratulations on 10k Subs🎉🎉🎉 You gotta do a Q&A tho!

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson a years ago+56

    I do not see how this channel has only 10,000 Subs, They have very good content and they have good quality video, and they tell us step by step of what they are doing, u don't find that from many YouTubers! I will definitely be buying some merch soon

  • Uninstall
    Uninstall a years ago

    Sick man I buy from my local IAA every week, I'm currently rebuilding a 2011 mustang gt

  • Doctor Qwerty
    Doctor Qwerty a years ago

    you guys are easily my favorite rebuild channel. keep up the content and you’ll easily be coming up in the youtube world! you guys deserve over 100k subscribers

  • Granola & Gasoline
    Granola & Gasoline a years ago

    Love your videos! Stumbled upon this looking for info on F250s and watched the whole series!!

  • MarioT's CJResto
    MarioT's CJResto 9 months ago

    Motortrend on demand sign these guys up, great content.

  • trippplefive
    trippplefive a years ago+1

    4:35 haha..gotta love that. "somebody vandalize your truck? where did i put my shotgun? let's find that sumbitch. yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
    love the southern accent.

  • Chh117 H
    Chh117 H a years ago+5

    I live about 10 minutes away from that auction place