Philippines Trip!

  • Published on:  12/4/2015
  • Here is the entire trip of Sean, Derrick and I in the Philippines! Thank you to everyone who we've met and gave us things! You guys have no idea how loved we felt out there.. We go to a lot of places, but the energy and support in the Philippines was next level crazy! See our entire BEST CREW performance here:


  • K the Player
    K the Player 3 years ago+1380

    Philippines - Country
    Filipinos - People
    Filipino - Language
    Philipinos - Not a word

  • Goll Em
    Goll Em 2 years ago+416

    So it was them singing obama is in town in the next room

  • ayeeerine m
    ayeeerine m a years ago+52

    "If u film it like this, it looks like you're in Asia."
    but Ryan, you ARE in Asia

  • Anne - Gabriella Reyes
    Anne - Gabriella Reyes 4 months ago+23

    filipino squad where you attttttttt

  • Walter Coloso
    Walter Coloso a years ago+54

    "were about to get the most filipino thing you can get" they get coldstone

  • Giraffe George
    Giraffe George 3 years ago+1074

    4:50, "if you film just this is it looks like you're in Asia."
    Aren't you already in Asia?

  • Zaraki Kenpachi
    Zaraki Kenpachi a years ago+46

    Meanwhile in Las Vegas......The Will and Greg Show: Thanksgiving!

  • Paracosmic
    Paracosmic 2 years ago+15

    Any Filipino lamps watching in 2017 wishing Ryan could come back?

  • Chase Evans
    Chase Evans 2 years ago+32

    1:31 that lady tho lol 😂

  • RunicBlade
    RunicBlade 2 years ago+261

    Oh man
    Filipino's are awesome
    I want to go there
    Oh wait I'm Filipino
    Tangina nyo po :)

  • Blazingblaze
    Blazingblaze 2 years ago+935

    im a filipino! who else?

  • WhatToHeck
    WhatToHeck 2 years ago+48

    YESS I saw Ryan but I didn't talk to him

  • the mango girlz
    the mango girlz 2 years ago+29

    Obamas in town
    Obamas in town!

  • Jinaloe Laysisob Rimazer

    That poor kid wants to touch the mustache of Greg.😂😂😂

  • Didi Maandig
    Didi Maandig a years ago+4

    Who watched all the Maze Runner Movies and then saw Minho (Ki Hong Lee) and legit just screamed?!!
    I did😂😂 I can't believe he was there!

  • _Yukix does stuff_
    _Yukix does stuff_ a years ago+18


  • alice69inmurderland
    alice69inmurderland 2 years ago+27

    Will is Filipino?? Really?

  • Clarky
    Clarky 1 months ago+1

    Wow gg...that was a Greg -Tastic video rewatch.

  • ZOIBERG Theofficial:D
    ZOIBERG Theofficial:D 2 years ago+4

    For a filipino thos satisfies me XD

  • ChadWithaJ
    ChadWithaJ 3 years ago+1318

    LOL that ice cream throwing gave me anxiety