The Largest Sandwich I've Ever Made! (Turkey & Swiss)

  • Published on:  1/30/2018
  • Save Money, DL Honey!! -- Video? Like/Fav & Share!!I've done bigger challenges, but this is legitimately the Biggest Sandwich I have ever made! Over 70oz of Turkey, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatos, Mayo, Mustard and Bread, this single sandwich clocks in at over 6lbs....ENJOY!!!Follow me on Social!FACEBOOK - - - - - Address:P.O. Box 22210San Jose, CA 95151Credits:Royalty Free Music by Sponsored By: Honey


  • JerryLursx
    JerryLursx a years ago+3212

    I think it would have been better if he took his time and layered turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese back and forth instead of a giant slab of meat in one!

  • Silver Machine
    Silver Machine 7 months ago+472

    Shaggy and Scooby would love to be your friends Lmao

  • K F
    K F 8 months ago+439

    I know one thing that can beat Matt

  • _Jake Ng_
    _Jake Ng_ 7 months ago+70

    There's some sandwich on your turkey i think...

  • Eli Hylen
    Eli Hylen 2 months ago+130

    50 Turkey's gave their life for that sandwich.

  • _Bob McCoy
    _Bob McCoy a years ago+1573

    That is one t h i c c sandwich

  • Suga My Aesthetic
    Suga My Aesthetic 8 months ago+82

    Matt: "I now crown you king"
    sandwich falls over

  • Cyber DOZER
    Cyber DOZER 6 months ago+260

    Kardeş türkiyeyi yedin amk ( espri )

  • Mahmoud Hannoush
    Mahmoud Hannoush 7 days ago+3

    Me: skips one minute wait he's already finished
    Matt: Yes

  • ChaChaRealSmooth
    ChaChaRealSmooth 1 months ago+12

    Cashier: Having a party?
    Matt: awkwardly staring at the cashier yes

  • •Galaxy Edits•
    •Galaxy Edits• a years ago+1287

    The biggest sandwich I’ve ever ate was a subway sandwich

  • Hunter Morgan
    Hunter Morgan 7 days ago+2

    Doctor: How much do you eat a day?
    Matt: yes.

  • Zaid Malek
    Zaid Malek 3 months ago+48

    Here comes the devil version of Matt at 4:18! Come on give it a like!!! Starving

  • Kiesch 23
    Kiesch 23 6 months ago+45

    Shaggy wants to
    Know your location

  • Nincs Nevem
    Nincs Nevem 6 months ago+79

    Dad: Don't eat a lot before match!
    Me: Ok Dad just one sandwich!

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 9 months ago+50

    A vegan watches this vid

  • Lucky Reddy
    Lucky Reddy  7 days ago+1

    When mom says you can have only one sandwitch
    Matt : .....

  • Redver The Hedgehog
    Redver The Hedgehog 8 months ago

    "The largest Sandwich I have ever made in this yt Channel"
    Me: OwO

  • Salil saxena
    Salil saxena 10 months ago+12

    He ate it like it was nothing
    Cmon man .

  • AGENT WiZaRd
    AGENT WiZaRd a years ago+440

    I love his channel because his thumbnail is always true. Some YouTubers gives fake thumbnail to get more views.But he don't do that. This is why I love his channel.