Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd - Lost in the Fire (Official Video)

  • Published on:  1/11/2019
  • Listen & Download "Lost In The Fire":

    Director: Manu Cossu
    Art direction: Valentine Reinhardt
    Production: ICONOCLAST
    Producer: Maëva Tenneroni



  • Pastechi (Jan 14, 2019)

    the first phrase got me like .. "oh okay bro" .-.

  • Commander Waddles (17 hours ago)

    Rs he ain't tye least bit worried bout being appropriate 😂

  • Cliff Neptune (22 hours ago)

    Pastechi I posted my new music video hope u like it😉

  • ioana ilea (Feb 8, 2019)

    His voice makes me orgasm.

  • Silentfox88 (30 minutes ago)

    Well he did say "GIRLS GET LOOSE WHEN THEY HEAR THIS SONG" on Starboy

  • John Doe (11 hours ago)

    ioana ilea gaw damn girl tell me more

  • MTL Beatz (2 days ago)

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  • Antquan Galloway (5 hours ago)

    Idk you, but hey, I'll support. You asked and I can press a button. Good luck!

  • Singwith MA (7 hours ago)

    My cover for candelight by Zhavia is out if someone could check it out it would be greatly appreciated ❤❤✌

  • Moya Daley (3 days ago)

    Where are those people who always post the lyrics

  • Maria K (20 hours ago)

    That’s what I was actually lookin for

  • Simply me Marie (5 days ago)

    I love listening to this while driving in my car

  • West Yorkshire (24 minutes ago)

    I enjoy listening to it while driving your Car aswell your not alone mate

  • Baby Spring (53 minutes ago)

    Simply me Marie hey me too ..

  • Karina (Jan 11, 2019)

    My boy got straight to the point with those opening lyrics, loved it haha 😂 reminds me of hurt you and starboy mixed 🔥🖤

  • edbtzkhud (20 hours ago)

    قخله حفخ إستغفر ربك احسنلك. شو بدك من الأنسه؟ روح اعبد ربك يا سيد احمد.

  • sippi antoni (4 days ago)

    Mainstream biiiaaatch

  • Metralha bombiar (Feb 7, 2019)

    Saying that nasty stuff with that angel voice should be a crime...

  • Natalie Garcia (12 hours ago)

    you're one hundred percent right dude, holy shit

  • Avontika Schmeh (23 hours ago)


  • The Weeknd Extra (5 days ago)

    Who here has seen the weeknd’s new hair

  • MaxxTOXIN Gaming (13 hours ago)

    His hair do, yes, was not quite what I was expecting, but it ain't the biggest deal in the world. Remember his Beauty Behind the madness hairstyle? Remember how unique it was? Well, same goes for his new one. It is more unique vs other r&b singers hairstyles so that Is why I am not super disappointed in it.

  • rudy obregon (1 day ago)

    He changes his hair for his bday and yall go crazy smfh hahah hes a beautiful artist with hair or no hair his mouth sings not his hair

  • fortnut x (Feb 8, 2019)

    "Gesaffelstein" Sounds like something from Harry Potter.

  • Macan Wigit (11 hours ago)

    It sounds like something I'd say after my friend sneeze

  • EpicBuster (17 hours ago)

    It sounds like an old German composer lol or an instrument

  • Ajiah Ci  (4 days ago)

    So we are not going to address the elephant in the room this man sounds so much like Michael Jackson???Thank goodness we have him in our decade " The weeknd" is so talented 😘!!!

  • West Yorkshire (23 minutes ago)

    Where is the Elephant??

  • Villa'till idie (2 hours ago)

    His old stuff was much better