THE $12,000 SNOW PLOW!



  • Andre's Ontiveros

    Fuck you Logan and your subscriber

  • Capo BennyTv
    Capo BennyTv yesterday

    @7.48 dam the camera

  • Tyler Saarinen
    Tyler Saarinen 3 days ago

    Should have bought a Hiniker. Way better than that. And only 5k.

  • BoltingJoker 40
    BoltingJoker 40 3 days ago

    can i mention how sick that was dope 8:20

  • Weregun
    Weregun 6 days ago

    5:10 nothing like destroying stuff for girls

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder 8 days ago+1

    Internet: Logan Paul can’t do anything dumber than what happened in Tokyo...
    Watches this video* Logan says “IF there is snow, a trashcan, or maybe a CAR we get them out of the way.
    Internet: Oh S***

  • Kayla Ashmore
    Kayla Ashmore 8 days ago

    I'm highly disappointed that I laugh at the shit he does.

    xXWILDxNINJAX x 8 days ago

    9:10 i knew it was gonna happen

  • Victoria Stielow
    Victoria Stielow 9 days ago

    Yo Logan can you plow my driveway when it snows?😂🤔

  • Felicia Threadgill
    Felicia Threadgill 9 days ago

    I cot snow

  • Leonor Moreno
    Leonor Moreno 10 days ago

    Logan the plow is it's crooked

  • Randall Clark
    Randall Clark 10 days ago

    In roblox i was playing your music and then poeple say U ARE DEAD one even said u killed someone but i was like fuck y’all haterrs

  • brandforgood
    brandforgood 10 days ago+1

    logans channel will forever be dead

  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan 12 days ago

    Monster truck, more like monster yeti…yeah no.

  • Katie the kitty cat I hate vux vux

    Tick tocks is kind of bad because you only have one and yeah I'm just saying my sister hates you

  • Ярик Водила


  • Johnny Pacheco
    Johnny Pacheco 13 days ago

    You should come to my house and get rid of the snow in my driveway

  • SuperV
    SuperV 14 days ago

    Learn how to waste money from Logan Paul!! Buying a plough in a place where it doesn't even snow...

  • Its_Twistz
    Its_Twistz 15 days ago

    did he just dent his windshield with a trashcan

  • Bradog 22
    Bradog 22 15 days ago

    Did the windshield crack