Oppo Find X: 3 pop-up cameras, no notch

  • Published on:  6/19/2018
  • Oppo Find X takes a unique approach to fit a big screen in a small frame: it's hidden the entire camera assembly in a motorized, slide-up assembly that pops up and disappears as necessary. Its 6.4-inch OLED display stretches all the way to the top of the phone and curves on the sides, much like Samsung's S9. The Find X is Oppo's first phone to be sold in North America and Europe and should be available very soon. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGsLike The Verge on Facebook: https://goo.gl/2P1aGcFollow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/XTWX61Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvXRead More: http://www.theverge.comCommunity guidelines: http://bit.ly/2D0hlAvSubscribe to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science: http://bit.ly/2FqJZMl


  • The Verge
    The Verge  a years ago+830

    Would you take a phone with a notch or a motorized camera?

  • Dr Doom
    Dr Doom a years ago+345

    These mobiles camera are also good for privacy purpose, because they are hidden normally

  • Matt H.
    Matt H. a years ago+540

    VIVO: We have a pop out camera.
    Oppo: Hold our beer.
    Edit: Yes, I know they're owned by the same parent company. But hey, who says sisters can't be rivals. ;)

  • Legit Plays
    Legit Plays a years ago+588

    I'm pretty sure most apple fan boys are saying that the pop up camera is a stupid idea. But when apple does it next year they are gonna say "apple did it best" ffs

    SOORAJ a years ago+321

    Thank god notch era ended 😍😍

  • Lashan
    Lashan a years ago+662

    That design is amazing if it wasn't for the lack of fingerprint sensor.

  • No No No
    No No No a years ago+23

    China’s phone have been making shock over the world , unbelievable!

  • Hao Li
    Hao Li a years ago+60

    No fingerprint means oppo are confident their motorized camera,no worrys.

  • Big Broomstick
    Big Broomstick a years ago+9


  • Anshuman Tripathy
    Anshuman Tripathy a years ago+1

    How would you find a phone case that adjusts to the camera jutting up and down?
    Also no fingerprint scanner is a deal breaker.

  • Rakesh Mehra
    Rakesh Mehra a years ago+193

    It's pretty cool, just the "Find x" gives me chills of maths

  • Ashwin Shaji
    Ashwin Shaji a years ago+2

    Now we wait for software gods at xda to make a rom for it. 🤞🏼

  • The Lion
    The Lion a years ago+1

    If this was an iPhone, they would have charged you only 2990 for the 16gb version.

  • portzblitz
    portzblitz a years ago

    Thanks for a good, quick Oppo review. Cheers.
    Don't ever say, "it's pretty trick" again.

  • King
    King a years ago+1

    In screen fingerprint sensor will make this phone so perfect

  • Sualeh Irfan
    Sualeh Irfan a years ago+685

    Its actually amazing apart from the software

  • Bp Rijal
    Bp Rijal a years ago+50

    Hey "apple" shame on you,

  • Angelo de Dios
    Angelo de Dios a years ago

    "Oops I dropped the phone. The motor doesn't work anymore..."
    That'll be the most problem(s) people will have with motorized features on a cellphone.

    ADVANCED TRUCKS EXPERT a years ago+1

    2x(ab+5)=2ab-15x find x

  • Vinayak Gupta
    Vinayak Gupta a years ago+18

    Future is approaching us a bit sooner than we think . Exciting, I would say.