• Published on:  9/13/2018
  • 👕 GET YOUR EPIC MERCH 👕 ➡️ After Stephen Sharer and his twin like sister Grace Sharer opened the “ABANDONED EVIDENCE FOUND IN GAME MASTER TOP SECRET MYSTERY TREASURE CHEST!!” The Sharer Family found a bunch of hidden clues. Grace Sharer found a bunch of candy inside the treasure chest, and best of all, this was all edible candy. Like Starburst candy, giant candy like hershey's chocolate bar, chupa chups lollipops, twizzlers licorice, all hidden inside the Game Masters top secret mystery safe. Thats right Sharers, we finally opened the Game Masters TOP SECRET MYSTERY TREASURE CHEST, in the chest, we found a bunch of coins, top secret evidence, tons and tons of candy, and a note from the Game Master that said TURN THESE CANDIES INTO EDIBLE SCHOOL SUPPLIES. So today sharers we are here to show you how we made the most epic top secret DIY edible schools supplies that are so good you won’t even be able to tell that they are candy and not real!! So lets teach the Game Master and all these top secret mystery spy how to Learn to fool the Game Master with this fun easy Edible Candy DIY back to school supplies that turns regular school supplies into edible candy school supplies. Do you think the GameMaster will be surprised? What is the Rebecca Zamolo Game Master top secret plan? Why did the Hacker have the Sharer Fam make top secret school supplies? The Sharer Fam now know they need to trap the #GameMaster who you think is after Stephen Sharer and Rebecca Zamolo and Chad Wild Clay and Vy Quint!! This Hacker Spy must be stopped!! Stay Safe Please Sharer Fam! ❇️ Check out more GAME MASTER mystery spy clues: ❇️ 🕵️‍♀️ LAST GAME MASTER MYSTERY CLUE: ➡️ Watch my friend’s awesome videos:VY QUAINT: PROJECT ZORGO HACKED Reaction CHAD WILD CLAY: Trapped in abandoned desert Spying by Hacker Zamolo caught game master spying with secret hidden camera: and REBECCA ZAMOLO Game Master Deletes Youtube Video: QUINT: BREAKING INTO The HACKERS iPHONE and Exploring Abandoned Mystery Evidence Wild Clay CAUGHT HACKER SPYING -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------📦 FAN MAIL ADDRESS 📦Stephen Sharer Youtube #633 2961 A Hunter Mill RdOakton, VA 22124-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Us:📸 INSTAGRAM → @StephenSharer (👻 SNAPCHAT → @StephenSharer🐦 TWITTER → @StephenSharer ( 📘 FACEBOOK → INSTAGRAM → @CarterSharer ( → @LizzySharer ( → @OtterSharer ( a Sharer and Subscribe! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Business Inquiries: Mailing Address: Stephen Sharer Youtube #633 2961 A Hunter Mill RdOakton, VA 22124——————————————————————————————————————————————————WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.This footage is property of Click Play Studios LLC and is not allowed to be repurposed without written consent from Click Play Studios LLC. For any requests from media contact us at


  • sam fam
    sam fam 11 months ago+296

    Papa Jake and made a video about the game master he joined them to see who he was I got tasered by the game master he knocked out all the others but got tasered himself the game master has a red mask Lookout Steven chair

  • Hooked on gaming !!

    Game master is at the front door

  • Lexie Morgan-Roberts
    Lexie Morgan-Roberts 2 months ago+7

    Hi share the love can I have a shout out

  • OwlDoesEverything BannerSamer

    Always, remember Project Zorgo is farting.

  • Toni Jones
    Toni Jones 7 months ago+2

    the game master is dumb and ugly
    haha its ture

  • Alexandra Cha
    Alexandra Cha 11 months ago+230

    “oh yea i love edible tape! aaahhhhhh!”
    tries to eat the real tape

  • CertifiedMelo
    CertifiedMelo 6 months ago+10

    So funny when Stephen was calling for grace

  • sky pace
    sky pace 1 months ago+2

    Game master knows everything

  • Silent_Cookie Esparza
    Silent_Cookie Esparza 7 months ago+8

    I did that once and my friends got jealous so I told them I LOVE pencil and tape and glue and erasers and they so said ok and when I got to art class I forgot to bring my real crayons I only took my edible crayons and not my real crayons oops and I almost got in trouble but my lucky friend she let me use her crayons love you Stephen and Gracie😉

  • Chase Harding
    Chase Harding 7 months ago+6

    I have watched all of these videos because I LOVE THEM

  • Sexy girl likes dicks. big ones

    I can do this at school

  • Jaime Reyes
    Jaime Reyes 8 months ago+8

    Steven the ay wit two the store en ta wal set pz 4 game master

  • Victoria Morales
    Victoria Morales 2 months ago+5

    Fbi open up it's the fbi now. your videos are so good and the diy food I found one of the diy foods I'm going to use all of them

  • Monica Cherry
    Monica Cherry 7 months ago+4

    Nice job making those edible school supplies!!!!!

  • Brody And Blake
    Brody And Blake 4 months ago+4

    you are my favorite youtuber

  • Bean Boi
    Bean Boi 11 months ago+152

    Project zorgo is behind everything they have a channel like so they can see Edit:Thanks I've never had this many likes!!☺️

  • Arben Bega
    Arben Bega 5 months ago+1

    Don’t you have to wash out the glue stick before you put the fondant

  • Makayla Keel
    Makayla Keel 14 days ago+1

    At first you acted like you were actually at school

  • nichara mentodikromo
    nichara mentodikromo 14 days ago+1

    skittle is my favorete candy to

  • Isha R
    Isha R 2 months ago+6

    My Favourite colour is blue