Rie’s Favorite Ramen Recipes • Tasty

  • Published on:  6/16/2019
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  • Luisa Ishida a months ago

    Me: sees Rie in the thumbnail and click instantly

  • Bushra Kapadia 4 days ago


  • Jon Odate 27 days ago

    For me: Sees ramen in the tumbnail and click instantly! lol

  • R K a months ago

    Tasty keeps recycling Rie's videos ...and yet here I am watching it anyways 😅

  • Crazy_ pianist87 22 days ago

    R K that’s the reason they recycle her videos..... lmaoRie rocks

  • Royal Crustle a months ago

    Isn't this like the second time this has been re-uploaded?

  • hypersapien 29 days ago

    I think it's actually the third time. Makin' as much $$$ off Rie's fandom as possible I guess. I love her too, but come on now.

  • Average chef: I can make good ramen Rie: Hold my sake

  • Garry Dulang a months ago

    It amazes me how videos can already have heaps of views minutes after posting

  • Piano ťõķõďõd 29 days ago

    Subscribe to rie!!

  • Joaquín Palazuelos a months ago

    Garry Dulang I see Rie, Alix or Alvin and I click. I wouldn’t care if they freakin made cereal lol

  • Cherry 12  29 days ago

    Rie: "Everyone loves ramen right?"Me eating instant ramen: Damn right!

  • Cuckoo 14 days ago

    apart from that i think that normal ramen is better than instant.

  • ramen + rie = perfection11/10 tasty

  • Aesthetic Poptart 29 days ago


  • Avery Renners a months ago

    OMG FIRST VIEW IM SO PROUD OF MYSElFAlso like if you are in notification squadAnd if you aren’t in notification squad like 😂 I’m sorry I’m desperate

  • it’s TAMIK uh a months ago

    I’m a simple person...I see Rie, and I click🙃like if you love Rie🥰

  • Cam The Man07 a months ago

    When your ABOUT to click on the notification but another one comes on and covers it up.Me: *visibly seething*