50 Ways To Mess With Your Friends In Minecraft

  • Published on:  6/23/2019
  • 50 Ways To Mess With Your Friends In Minecraft here are some grian approved minecraft tricks and tips for messing with your friends. Rules:- Make sure you won't upset anyone. - Don't break your server rules- If in doubt, don't do it. HUGE thank you to RowanArtifex, Pearlescentmoon, Simozzy, _tenku_ and imaxelius.Credit to Docm77 for showing me the locking composter.Theres something for everyone here!#minecraft


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    I did almost all the pranks...
    Now i just lost my friend

  • Big Bot
    Big Bot 5 days ago+443

    This is actually 50 ways to get banned from your friends Christian minecraft server

  • Victorillo 377
    Victorillo 377 5 days ago+829

    Someone : *AFK*
    Grian :
    "I'ts free real estate"

  • Antonio Moura
    Antonio Moura 2 days ago+196

    Guy: Is Minecraft a relaxing game? Me: YESN’T

  • Rainbow Girl
    Rainbow Girl 6 days ago+273

    Grian: “So your friend is afk happens all the time, just make sure they are”
    punches friend
    Friend dies
    Grian: oh

  • guyangii
    guyangii 7 days ago+1975

    This is actually
    50 ways to lose your friends in minecraft

  • TheGamer Samir
    TheGamer Samir 2 days ago+129

    Someone: AFK
    Grian: Im gonna destroy this mans whole career.

  • ThatOneMinecraftKid
    ThatOneMinecraftKid 7 days ago+356

    there is actually a splash text in Minecraft that says DONT LEAVE FLOATING TREES!! 13:15

  • IFaKe YT
    IFaKe YT 6 days ago+90

    What's wrong with Grian?
    Grian: It's a new feature :/

  • Lauren Nothing
    Lauren Nothing 2 days ago+14

    Skelebros then a bad time who else thought of an undertale pun

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    1000 subs no videos 1 months ago+12148

    One problem with this video...
    How do I get a friend?

  • 6969 subscribers without any friends

    When you dont know anything about redstone so you just use scaffolding.

  • Golden Shit of Arts
    Golden Shit of Arts 7 days ago+71

    Some Tiktokers girls steal your content..

  • Umilein
    Umilein 3 days ago+14

    Looks like I have to play Minecraft with my sister again 🤭

  • Z3R0 _
    Z3R0 _ 3 days ago+15

    Grian: sees even the smallest sign of someone being AFK even for a second
    Also Grian: Am about to end this man's whole career

  • Kevzky Unknown
    Kevzky Unknown 1 months ago+2123

    In number 6, instead of writing "gottem", you should write " The true treasure is friendship"

  • Minttu Mopsi
    Minttu Mopsi  6 days ago+144

    I have a prank!
    The floor is lava:
    fill your friend house with lava.

  • Maks Altunins
    Maks Altunins 2 days ago+11

    my favourite was all of them they are pretty good. well done with all your brilliant ideas. :)

  • jspaceman
    jspaceman yesterday+7

    Friend:why is there chickens floating to my hou-
    Grian:it's a new feature :/

  • Phobia Star
    Phobia Star 7 days ago+46

    Careful, grian, or one of your fellow hermits may use these tricks on you