Lee Chaeyeon Dance Evolution [KpopStar3-Sixteen-Produce48]

  • Published on:  9/24/2018
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  • BlueToTheSky16
    BlueToTheSky16  8 months ago +61

    Hello guys. I made a compilation of Chaeyeon singing videos where we can hear her vocal improvement. Hope you guys watch it :3
    Link : https://www.102tube.com/video/khItNWyBvhg/video.html

  • cyaneous
    cyaneous 8 months ago+463

    Many people may not agree with me on this but I think Chaeyeon is a bit better than Lisa and Momo, JUST A LITTLE BIT. Because she can dance very powerfully while handling her voice and singing high notes. I’m not saying that Momo and Lisa cannot sing, I’m just saying Chaeyeon has a more stable voice. I think dancing, singing and visual play a huge part of a career like hers and other idols. Any who, I still support all 3 girls equally. Please respect my opinion 🤗🤗💖💖

  • Zul Alaika
    Zul Alaika 8 months ago+320

    I'm amazed with her. She got all in one package. Dancing skills, good and stable vocal and good looks(to me). She suits any type of song genre. She can be a cutie, sexy and much more. I'm glad she's already debut. 😭

  • Minju Minjoo
    Minju Minjoo 9 months ago+198

    I'm really amazed about Lee Chaeyeon's determination to be a dancer

  • Adine Nadine
    Adine Nadine 6 months ago+18

    1st generation best dancer : BoA
    2nd generation best dancer : Hyoyeon and Minzy
    3rd generation best dancer : Chungha
    4th generation best dancer : Chaeyeon

  • Hwarien
    Hwarien 8 months ago+176

    At least, she can dance n sing. Not many dancer who can sing stable like her

  • Mutiara Purnamawati
    Mutiara Purnamawati 8 months ago+38

    wow i can see she improved her dancing skills from time to time. she is only 18 yo now, i wonder how good she would be later when she already senior in the industry.

  • Natalie Galvan
    Natalie Galvan 8 months ago+72

    I do believe she is one of the best dancers for this generation of idols. I personally feel like I haven’t seen Lisa do her absolute best and I hope we can see something great one day, same with Momo.
    Even better to see them all dancing together for a special stage 😅😅 but that’s wishful thinking

  • ren mabutol0924
    ren mabutol0924 8 months ago+146

    My bias in IZ*ONE she's so talented💙💙💙

  • twive naeyonie and i*zone chaeyonie

    She is better than lisa and momo

  • GalaxySimz
    GalaxySimz 8 months ago+40

    she can sing and dance 💞 so no wonder why the trainers liked her

  • ImA Sone
    ImA Sone 9 months ago+73

    Her dance is more and more good

  • Jeneziel Gemina
    Jeneziel Gemina 8 months ago+52

    She is so talented young girl indeed...

  • ᅳᅳᅳᅳᅳ
    ᅳᅳᅳᅳᅳ 8 months ago+13

    I remember when I saw that "My house" cover, Chaeyeon looked the best for me, until now ~

  • siti nurlailatul qodariah
    siti nurlailatul qodariah 8 months ago+26

    Watch 2pm dance cover 2015..
    Everyone will see that chayeon is the best between the other two girl .. but yeah jyp doesnt see it.. poor him

  • Mina Endorphina
    Mina Endorphina 8 months ago+36

    4:47 is this Momo on the right? 😅

  • Fenni Hartini
    Fenni Hartini 8 months ago+14

    I hope Lee Chaeyeon will have solo debut in the future

  • Ezzatul Farihah
    Ezzatul Farihah 8 months ago+8

    Sorry if this is out of context but wasn't Sewoon and Chaeyeon were on kpop star together?? I wonder how it feels seeing each other again and both successfully debuted now T^T

  • KrysTaL BlinG Bl!nG
    KrysTaL BlinG Bl!nG 8 months ago+27

    She keeps getting better & better🔥🔥💯💪

  • synthiolizz dm
    synthiolizz dm 8 months ago+10

    the way she expresses herself with her dance moves is great she was born to succeed she is fabulous I love her 😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜chaeyeon Queen dance 👸👑💅