A Wrinkle In Time - Mannequin Challenge

  • Published on:  11/14/2016
  • Wait for it... The Wrinkle In Time #MannequinChallenge with Rowan Blanchard, Storm Reid, Deric McCabe & director Ava DuVernay.


  • DaZi
    DaZi 2 years ago+12

    No Levi Miller :(

  • Keziah Tagao
    Keziah Tagao 2 years ago+7

    2:07 that's charles wallace for sure!! ^-^

  • angela marie
    angela marie 2 years ago+20


  • Tani Sokoya
    Tani Sokoya 2 years ago+8

    Had no idea the girl from Girl Meets World is in this movie 😁

  • Bekah Young
    Bekah Young 2 years ago+8

    Wait Rowan Blanchard is in this movie?

  • jarrod2292
    jarrod2292 2 years ago+5

    I just woke up and after watching this - I will have a good day.

  • Christina Neumann
    Christina Neumann 2 years ago+9

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  • Just Another Artist
    Just Another Artist 2 years ago+6

    This is awesome

  • 808MixMaster
    808MixMaster 2 years ago+5

    when the drugs hit you

  • Haley Moore
    Haley Moore 2 years ago+13

    what happened to black beetles

  • Kellsey Roy
    Kellsey Roy 2 years ago+6

    inner kid freaking out oh my god yes please! I loved the book a kid and I have watched the 2003 movie

  • Siraju ddin
    Siraju ddin 2 years ago+4

    where's Chris pine and gugu mbatha-raw ?

  • Angie Hernández
    Angie Hernández 2 years ago+3

    Por qué no salió mi levi miller ???

  • Robot Puppet Show
    Robot Puppet Show 2 years ago+2

    That guy with the tongue out tho! LOL

  • Phuong Le-Thai
    Phuong Le-Thai 2 years ago+2

    Now, I gotta know who's Meg Murry and Calvin O'Keefe

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 2 years ago+2

    like si te quedaste quieto mientras corria el video

  • Lil' Diesel
    Lil' Diesel 2 years ago+4

    I read this book in school.

  • Ethan YouTube 123
    Ethan YouTube 123 2 years ago+2

    This is the best mannequin challenge ever

  • Chelnah the Egghead
    Chelnah the Egghead 2 years ago+3

    This is just amazing. :)

  • Alyssa Mitchell
    Alyssa Mitchell 2 years ago+7

    Rowan slaying without makeup