• Published on:  2/14/2020
  • We hereby invite you to our movie launch {OMWANCHI TRUBENA} that will be on February 14th at Mocha Hotel. Get ready for a treat like no other. For those not in Kisii, we will do a special online premiere as well after the launch. Stay tuned for more details.

    Trubena Moraa is a young girl who comes from a rich family. Her family gets involved in a bitter divorce battle which leads the courts to freeze all her family's assets. At this time Trubena gets diagnosed with cancer but due to the divorce case, her mother is not able to access finances that could've helped Trubena to access a clinical trial treatment that could've helped slow the cancer down. But without medication the cancer spreads fast and soon becomes malignant. The doctors give her 6 months to live if she doesn't seek urgent chemotherapy. But the two women keep up the row over the family property. Trubena finds solace in the arms of her childhood lover and friend, who she soon realizes is married. But they decide to spend as much time as they possibly can. But they know too well that they don't have much time. This is a story of love in the face of hopelessness. Written and Directed by Samora Kibagendi. Produced by NDIZI TV. All rights reserved.

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