Making Music with Post Malone

  • Published on:  1/29/2017
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  • h3h3Productions
    h3h3Productions  2 years ago+28739

    God bless ya Post Malone, you're the best
    We Meet DJ Khaled ►

  • Elias
    Elias a years ago+5034

    I feel like post malone is just ethan from a different dimension

  • Ink Hed
    Ink Hed 10 months ago+4508

    “He’s gonna sleep with other women”

    Post in the most innocent voice: “no I’m not”

  • Charles Darling
    Charles Darling 7 months ago+1025

    2 years later and I'm still waiting for this song

  • Mr McChicken
    Mr McChicken 7 months ago+1933

    The fact that this video got claimed because Ethan used White Iverson is literally mind boggling. Post is literally right there!

  • Sailing Away
    Sailing Away 9 months ago+1461

    I love how Post was just like “it’s Ethan.”
    “Yeah Ethan. Ethan.”
    “Ethan Bradberry?”

  • Ice Note
    Ice Note 7 months ago+683

    3:20 The way Post said "No Im not" sounded so innocent omg!

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 9 months ago+561

    It’s been a year and “so flow like Antonio” still hasn’t came out

  • Tammy Maui
    Tammy Maui 7 months ago+408

    Im Ethan at parties
    shotguns two beers
    "Im gonna go puke now"

  • Andrew Nasri
    Andrew Nasri 2 years ago+2596

    h3h3 being humble... He has over 435 Million views on his channel not 250Million

  • Doraemon's Movies
    Doraemon's Movies 6 months ago+352

    Post is the best example of don't judge the book by its cover.

  • Shelby Dively
    Shelby Dively 4 months ago+166

    Bro that interview came at him
    Like really wtf

  • KenDev2
    KenDev2 7 months ago+251

    Where can i get this bomb track? Post Malone ft. Ethan Klein - So Flo Like Antonio.

  • saintly
    saintly 6 months ago+203

    post: "if i made you smile, press that mf like button"
    me: :) okey

  • Seusanelly
    Seusanelly 2 years ago+10193

    dude how can you hate on post malone he's such a normal guy

  • dboy squad og
    dboy squad og 1 months ago+59

    Post molon is the keyanu Reeves of the music world

  • lizzy
    lizzy a years ago+150

    Post Malone looks like Dora with his bangs.

  • Tom Bark
    Tom Bark 7 months ago+119

    Please release “soflo like Antonio” ft h3h3

  • Thedarkcloud105
    Thedarkcloud105 11 months ago+54

    Untatooed skin on post malones face
    Post Malone:

  • Hey Nicole
    Hey Nicole 2 years ago+4187

    Post seems like such a nice guy. He doesn't blow off on Ethan or Hila. Like this dude just seems so down to earth and just a naturally friendly guy. Much respect.