Giants vs. Cowboys Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2018



  • OG Seahawks 10 months ago

    Eli literally has 0.0000001 milliseconds to throw the ball

  • jjman9 4 months ago


  • James Morales 10 months ago

    This is why I never change my profile pic........

  • Andy Garcia Ceniseros 6 months ago

    Lol disapointed

  • Uncle Fester and jams morales Giants are mah thang

  • 7,345,679 Views 10 months ago

    Prescott looks like a RB even when he runs

  • gamer Rosales 3 months ago


  • Incog Nito 6 months ago

    @amir w Career average = 11 regular season wins per season. If he gives them a team friendly deal, he ain't going nowhere. So all you Dak haters can just suck it up and deal.

  • Eraserhead 10 months ago

    what’s the point in even paying the giants o line? i feel like a shower curtain offers more resistance

  • Jay Company 7 months ago

    @The Flash fine? How you figure? Wak ain't going nowhere even if they win NFC n done homie.... remember what happened to them last time 😂😂😂 they were in the playoffs and that's when their O-line was really good, the best team in Texas is the Texans boi!

  • The Flash 7 months ago

    @Jay Company Dak is fine lmao

  • Derek Geter 10 months ago

    Giants o line 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑

  • Tavis Banks 10 months ago

    That's been their problem since the last super bowl

  • Chase nickles 10 months ago

    It feels like the giants start 0 and 2 every season

  • @Perkaholic I could see that. Many people probably thought the same thing.

  • Perkaholic 1 months ago

    Eli Manning’s Belly Button At the time Tampa Bay and Cincinnati were good teams. I believe Tampa Bay was even favored in that game and Cincinnati started the season 4-0. I also just couldn’t see Atlanta starting off 1-4 and I think they were at home too. I thought maybe they’d beat Baltimore since they were at Heinz Field but lose to the others

  • Tyrone Jacobsen 10 months ago

    Giants O-Line is the biggest crap on earth xD

  • gamer Rosales 3 months ago

    I agree

  • Belen Senties 7 months ago


  • MegaClintbeastwood 10 months ago

    I didn't know Odell still played for the giants until there was 3 mins left in the game.......

  • Jay Company 10 months ago

    @MegaClintbeastwood ask Dem boys about it

  • Jay Company 10 months ago

    I didn't know Dak Prescott was a QB, he got clobbered worst than Eli 😂😂😂

  • Samuel Lin 10 months ago

    im 5'9 160lb and i reckon i have shot at giant's o-line

  • Ryan R 6 months ago

    @OnThe Gang how many small WRs u see makin it?

  • OnThe Gang 6 months ago

    @Ryan R being a wr dosent involve hieght

  • Brenden C 10 months ago

    Let’s be honest. The real score was 20-3. The last 10 points were in garbage time

  • Vince J 8 months ago

    Brenden C idk bro Eli has Odell open in the end zone three times this is seconds before he got hit Odell was open just about every play

  • Brenden C also he’s trash even Steven said he’s not getting no kind of money 💰 from him playing like that. Not paying no QB millions for 70-90 yard performance every game and no TD but every few game.