The Shocking Case of O.J. Simpson

  • Published on:  3/4/2017
  • Did O.J. really do it? Presented by Trial & Error. Tuesdays 9/8c only on NBC.Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! MORE BUZZFEED:https://www.buzzfeed.com knowledge for a big world from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily!MUSICLicensed via Audio NetworkSFX Provided By AudioBlocks( Detective at the Readyavid_creative/Getty ImagesFencesimannaggia/Getty Imagesadorable shiba inu dog outdoorsonetouchspark/Getty ImagesPocket knife black. vzwer/Getty ImagesNicole Brown Simpson Murder Scene Time & Life Pictures /Getty ImagesPortrait of a young female doctorJamieB/Getty ImagesPortrait of businessman in officeFangXiaNuo/Getty ImagesMap of Chicago, Illinois State in USAomersukrugoksu/Getty ImagesUSA, California, Los Angeles, aerial view of 405 and 101 FreewaysMike Powell/Getty ImagesO.J. Simpson Attends Bail Hearing On Robbery ChargesEthan Miller/Getty ImagesO.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial In Las Vegas CourtEthan Miller/Getty ImagesO.J. Simpson File PhotosS. Granitz/Getty ImagesPortrait of Japanese Akita over black backgroundVladimir Godnik/Getty ImagesCrime Scene VanJSABBOTT/Getty ImagesClose-Up Of Frozen Handprint On Window GlassErick Camara / EyeEm/Getty ImagesClose-Up Of Hand Written German LetterTina Potocki / EyeEm/Getty ImagesSmiling Hispanic doctor wearing stethoscopeJose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty ImagesGrimm - Season 6NBC /Getty ImagesBloody Band-AidJohn Haynes/Getty ImagesDetective Mark Fuhrman At O.J. Simpson TrialAFP/Getty Images /Getty ImagesPaper Tears Collection XXLrobynmac/Getty ImagesEmpty, new construction shopping center, strip mall at dusk.Rawpixel/Getty ImagesCNN World Headquarters...John Greim /Getty ImagesUnderworld dealingsPeopleImages/Getty ImagesSuave Spyjameslee1/Getty Imagestough guy looking through steel barsGabe Palmer/Getty ImagesProsecutor Christopher Darden (R) asks aspiring sc POOL /Getty ImagesPeople vs. O.J. Simpson Pre-Trial HearingJim Smeal/Getty ImagesWriting a diary lechatnoir/Getty ImagesMedical chartCreatas/Getty ImagesEmployee Time Cardemptyclouds/Getty ImagesBeautiful Halo Diamond Stud earrings with reflectionFruit_Cocktail/Getty ImagesGroup of multi-ethnic business peopleRawpixel/Getty ImagesOJ Simpson Criminal Trial- Pre-Trial Hearing - January 12, 1995Lee Celano /Getty ImagesFemale attorney addressing jury, elevated viewmoodboard/Getty Imagesprison bars SSSCCC/Getty Images(YEARENDER 13) O.J. Simpson looks at a new pair ofVince Bucci /Getty ImagesHandcuffed PrisonerErika Kyte/Getty ImagesEvidence in plastic bagsPaul Taylor/Getty ImagesBlank black and white tube mockup, 3d renderingAlexandrBognat/Getty ImagesUS passport sealLKeskinen/Getty Imagespistoldimdimich/Getty ImagesMustache and goatee beard isolated on whiteDutchScenery/Getty ImagesFormer NFL Player O.J. SimpsonRichard Mackson /Getty ImagesO.J. Simpson's HouseArchive Photos /Getty ImagesRetro phoneKrstoBorozan/Getty ImagesHigh Heels Shoesrolleiflextlr/Getty ImagesPaper Evidence Bag VMarin/Getty ImagesSet of fashionable man's accessoriesgolubovy/Getty ImagesglovesGovorov/Getty ImagesFootprintBliznetsov/Getty ImagesStriped Wool Beanie LeventKonuk/Getty ImagesFamily of Ronald Goldman Holds Press Conference Following His MurderLee Celano/Getty ImagesLos Angeles California Mapjamirae/Getty Images1994 Premiere 'Naked Gun 33 1/3'Archive Photos /Getty ImagesTake off Airplane at Sunriseknkakadiya_38/Getty ImagesBrian 'Kato' Kaelin holds a pen which he used to d POOL /Getty Imagesdoor bell lemonpink/Getty ImagesHowling husky dogAleksander Bochenek/Getty ImagesBlack limo icholakov/Getty ImagesVector set of envelopePornphol/Getty Imag


  • Kenjijr
    Kenjijr 2 years ago+5656

    I'm so happy that we don't have to pay to watch these.

  • Abigail Wilson
    Abigail Wilson 6 months ago+2965

    Ask the dog he was there

  • Adelaide Katrina
    Adelaide Katrina 5 months ago+3789

    How do you fit 40 racial slurs into one conversation lmao

  • Flaming Iceberg
    Flaming Iceberg 4 months ago+4328

    "They went to mcdonalds for dinner"

  • Demiurgicdragon _
    Demiurgicdragon _ 2 months ago+1652

    “Stop.. serial killing”

  • Naomi Hunter
    Naomi Hunter 2 years ago+3641

    The glove didn't fit because it was leather and leather shrinks when wet.

  • 0680496
    0680496 5 months ago+2051

    Jesus Christ how many more evidence do you need to realize OJ is guilty?

  • Davo
    Davo 6 months ago+1787

    I’m not black I’m O.J

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith 1 months ago+262

    gloves and hat: literally has OJ’s DNA on it
    everyone: welllllll we don’t know for sure

  • Nico Patrick
    Nico Patrick 1 months ago+608

    OJ will finally admit to it on his death bed. I could see him doing that.

  • i b
    i b 2 years ago+4631

    do the death of WWE Wrestler Chris Beniot and his family. its really controversial because some people think someone killed him and his family while others think he killed his wife and 7 year old son and then killed himself. There are really creepy things leading up to his death and what they found out about him after the investigation. Search it up and like this so Buzzfeed can see this.

  • Luna studios
    Luna studios 4 months ago+444

    I feel like everyone was guilty in this case except for the dog

  • Autumnpeace100
    Autumnpeace100 4 months ago+859

    On the day he was chased- I WAS BORN!! XD My dad was glued to the tv as my mother struggled with the contractions. At 3:24 in the afternoon, I began life. XD

  • Ava McQueen
    Ava McQueen 3 months ago+415

    Wasn’t this how the Kardashian’s started?.....DAMN YOU OJ

  • Privendest
    Privendest 3 months ago+664

    Did they ever use the dog to try to identify the suspect? I mean it was clearly a very smart dog, and it was present during the time of the murders...

  • Sawyer Johnson
    Sawyer Johnson 4 months ago+298

    The dog is such a good boy

  • Gema Yescas Alemán
    Gema Yescas Alemán 3 months ago+406

    “If we had a problem it’s because I loved her so much” passional crime, jealously that’s why he did it, everything matched time, evidence everything

  • Kate Brown
    Kate Brown 7 months ago+396

    Not once did they mention Robert Kardashian , which was OJ's best friend. Look at his face when they read the verdict. He thought he would get convicted. After the trial, They were no longer friends. The Kardasihan's gained fame from this very murder trial. Robert Kardashian removed a bag from OJ's car, walked around outside the gate with it for ten minutes , walked away with it in front of police. No one seems to notice or care that he had OJ's bag. Plus don't you think OJ had plenty of time while out of town to get rid of a knife and bloody clothes in a completely different city? Being a celeb they wouldn't stripe search him and could have gotten rid of evidence while in Chicago. I watched this daily on tv and I thought with all the blood evidence they would have convicted him. Based on that alone I would have been that one person on the jury to say I think he did it. I don't think the police planted anything. He got away with it because he was famous and rich. Really it's none of his business who his ex wife sleeps with and dragging the victims through the mud is not going to make him innocent. Shaming and blaming the victims is a cheap shot by far. No one deserves to be hacked to death.

  • ReyBeltane
    ReyBeltane 4 months ago+163

    The biggest surprise in this episode was that Shane wasn't excited when the possibility of a glued-on moustache was mentioned.

  • Kay Neumann
    Kay Neumann 2 years ago+1106

    Makes you wonder why the dog didn't bite the murderers...I mean, he was loose, able to bark, and wasn't even harmed during the timeframe, so why didn't the dog attack? Yeah, the dog may have been kept outside, but what about when the murderers escape? The fact that the dog didn't attack the murderer may indicate that it was very familiar with the attacker. This would make sense since OJ was married to the victim and probably co-owned the dog at one point. Thus, the dog's loyalty was torn as one master killed another master.
    Also, OJ's main defense was that the gloves "didn't fit" him, but when blood hardens it would make the glove shrink. OJ also made sure to spread his hands out as far as they could when he tried the glove on so that it would look like they didn't fit... Can they not find gloves that fit him, soak the gloves in blood, let them dry, and then see what happens? The guy could be getting away with murder! Surely they can test that...Finally, DNA evidence is DNA evidence. Letting it stay in heat or in a car does nothing to it nor anything to magically make OJ's DNA suddenly appear on the glove with the victims's blood.
    Heck, years ago a man was convicted of murder 3 years after the crime was committed because investigators found a speck of the victim's blood on a wall. That place was in a flooded swam with fluctuations in temperature... add 3 years to that "contamination" and you can still file the blood as certifiable evidence.
    I think OJ did it. I think he did love his ex wife, but couldn't stand her leaving him so he decided that if he couldn't have her, no one could. The evidence stacks up, the timeline is right, and there is a clear motive. :(