Stand-up comedy: Aisling Bea. Not viewable in UK/Ireland. Apr 2015

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • *Contains strong language. *Not viewable in UK/Ireland.Comedy from Aisling Bea. Apr 2015


  • wallyrupert
    wallyrupert 3 months ago+1244

    Interesting way of getting more views; Say it's "Not viewable in UK/Ireland" and instantly every curious bastard (like me) in UK/Ireland tries it out!

  • Martin Farrell
    Martin Farrell 3 months ago+895

    Not viewable in UK/Ireland? I've just watched it in the UK

  • DevD music etc
    DevD music etc 11 months ago+950

    " I don't even listen to sad music in case I'll be moved " lol

  • Roland Eriks
    Roland Eriks 6 months ago+392

    "You're standing innocently over a dead body in the countryside. " lol

  • Voices InMyHead
    Voices InMyHead 11 months ago+828

    Funniest part to me... "Not viewable in UK/Ireland"... posted by No Limitation.......................

  • Arthur Elliott
    Arthur Elliott 6 months ago+232

    I give kudos. Her fast speech means she has to write a significant bit more comedy than other comedians to fill the same time frame. I'm guestimating about 40% more. At least.

  • dagliocchibui
    dagliocchibui 10 months ago+317

    When you're Italian and you manage to understand 90% of it satisfaction

  • George Rebeiro
    George Rebeiro 11 months ago+555

    I could listen to her talk all day long...even if she read the phone book.

  • Peter Henriksen
    Peter Henriksen 9 months ago+241

    A 2 two hour show in 11min. Not bad.

  • Ahsan Siddiqui
    Ahsan Siddiqui 11 months ago+409

    jesus marie and joseph and all of his carpenter friends ! lol

  • anna17
    anna17 6 months ago+57

    "Jesus lads, it's a long long way to Tipperary. I don't think we could make it there, I don't think we could make it anywhere." 😂😂😂

  • MsBizzyGurl
    MsBizzyGurl 1 months ago+53

    Finally! A fellow sufferer with 'I can't be arsed'. The struggle is real.

  • Shane Payne
    Shane Payne 11 months ago+178

    Aisling is hysterical! I've seen this same clip several times and it's never not funny.

  • Anthony Whelan
    Anthony Whelan 11 months ago+107

    Love this girl. Wish there were more videos of her.

  • Eben Olivier
    Eben Olivier 9 months ago+162

    Oh dear keep speaking in that accent please

  • Cian
    Cian 3 months ago+62

    2:27 as an Irish person brought up in the middle of absolute nowhere. Honestlysame 😂

  • GossamerDreams
    GossamerDreams 11 months ago+224

    Wow, she is amazing. I knew she was funny from talk shows but that was an excellent honed set

  • Jeffrey Johnson
    Jeffrey Johnson 11 months ago+129

    This young lady has a terrific sense of humor!

  • Gary Lum
    Gary Lum 11 months ago+99

    Fat thin 😂

  • Terence Jay
    Terence Jay 3 months ago+49

    For me, she falls into the 'quirky gorgeous' category, which is no bad thing.