UFC 20 Years: Dana White and Tito Ortiz Feud Escalates Following UFC 84

  • Published on:  11/13/2013
  • http://mmaweekly.com brings you Dana White and Tito Ortiz as they comment on their feud following Ortiz's loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 84. These comments were given at the UFC 84 post-fight press conference. UFC 84 took place on May 24, 2008, in Las Vegas.


  • On Jah
    On Jah 2 years ago+1258

    Dana "we'll see what happens" white

  • Jason Fisher
    Jason Fisher 2 years ago+1292

    Tito Ortiz has the IQ of a houseplant.

  • Amir Rezvani
    Amir Rezvani 10 months ago+351

    Wanderlei looks like a caveman

  • Marilley I
    Marilley I 4 years ago+701

    Best part of the vid
    Reporter: "Wanderlei would you fight Tito?"
    Wanderlei: "I don't know, he don't fight in the UFC again. I'm a UFC fighter"

  • Khaos969
    Khaos969 5 years ago+220

    Notice that Tito moans about his pay years ago.... gets slagged off by the UFC then years later all the other fighters are complaining about pay.... Tito was so ahead of his time in many ways

  • hammond clarke
    hammond clarke 4 years ago+574

    tito speaks well very well,he has a good head on his shoulders, his IQ is the highest.......for a 6 year old turtle.

  • Bobby Nixon
    Bobby Nixon 4 years ago+256

    After seeing the reebok numbers I actually see what Tito was talking about

  • JohanDCh
    JohanDCh 5 years ago +134

    After this Tito went on to Lose 6 out of 7 fights in 5 years.

  • Seb C.
    Seb C. 5 years ago+238

    LOL at wanderlei's face

  • LV Power
    LV Power 3 years ago+318

    7:36 "DATA TINO... uhh... feud"

  • Nader Rahy
    Nader Rahy 5 months ago+58

    as delusional as tito is sometimee, you gotta give him credit for standing his ground. he was a pioneer of standing up against the company in the name of fighters.

  • juvenilemafia10
    juvenilemafia10 4 years ago+427

    regardless, I love how real and open Dana White is, no pc bullshit no written speeches, thats very rare in this day and age with internet and everything, to have a president of a company that is so damn open and outspoken

  • 5starcomment
    5starcomment a years ago+570

    Thank God we got to see Tito in all those movies...

  • ALiEn x KuuSShx
    ALiEn x KuuSShx 2 years ago+423

    Dana handles the questions with verbal jujitsu .

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago+71

    tito says he has a couple years left.... fights another 9 years lol

  • Hate the new YouTube.
    Hate the new YouTube. a years ago+79

    I miss wanderlei's old face.

  • ryan phillips
    ryan phillips 2 years ago+97

    when was tito ortiz ever in a movie?

  • Robin MXZ
    Robin MXZ 3 years ago+111

    Reminds me of GSP. Dana didn't want GSP in the press conference after Hendricks fight.

  • Conspiracy Bear
    Conspiracy Bear 2 months ago+25

    "I dont want to be 45 yrs old still fighting in the UFC" lol that didnt age well no pun intended.

  • M A K O
    M A K O 3 years ago+200

    UFC fighters get paid peanuts. on a Boxing promotion - boxers get paid 70 percent of the revenue- of course then they have to pay their managers and trainers and so on- but they are in the drivers seat- if a ppv makes 1.5 million views- the headline fighters, they ll bring home 5 million each. On a UFC card- which they have every month at the least- the fighters make about 400,000 each on average. the undercard guys make like 50,000. and they still have to pay their trainers, marketing, sparring partners, etc- they even have to pay back the UFC their advances which they get before training camp which pays for transport and hotels, food, etc- so the UFC pays them and then gets paid back- taking a cut.
    nobody , nobody knows the numbers- but its fair to say that the UFC has created a system where they have created a huge middle class of wages- but boxing is all upper class or lower class. in boxing ur making 50 million or nothing, but have huge leverage, and in UFC everyone gets something, but not much. personally i think the problem with that is- that the top guys don't get paid what their true value is. especially with the reebok deal- in any other sport, the 10th best known fighter- say a Diaz, or a dos santos would have endorsements, and be making 8 figures a year, easy.
    in the UFC they're making about half a million a fight. not much for what they're bringing in. the biggest joke is TUF- that show makes a killing, that show makes like millions upon millions a season, and in backend repeats and so on- and the winner , and only the winner gets a six figure contract? its a joke, while all the other contestants basically sacrifice their lives to make nothing.
    thats the biggest problem with a monopoly- the UFC can always say u don't like it - go away- and Dana will always ring his old line of - how bad do u want it- how much do u want the glory, to be a fighter- to be a superstar- its exploitation. its code for- we re gonna underpay everyone- and let these guys kill each other till theres one left and pay that guy a shit load.
    I like Dana, he s a brilliant businessman, and shrewd guy- and he's made a great product- but compared to the NBA, NFL and NHL- their guys don't get treated very well at all. its possible for adidas to sponsor the NBA but also have deals with shoe companies- everyone knows that endorsements are 80 percent of an athletes income- to take that away sucks. these guys aren't all stars- for most of them - its get in- fight for 10 years- try and get a headline show- or a title shot- make as much money as u can- and get out. so their window to make money is very limited and short- and hard- so they should have as much opportunity to maximise it- and not be leveraged into having to take bad deals. the only two fighters that have leverage are ronda and mcgregor- they've become bigger than the show- but the game needs a union or a representative union to bind them together like the players association in all the other major sports. otherwise UFC will go down the same shit road that boxing did- where its basically a mob game - ruled by a few greedy pigs.