Hawk Stares at Driver While Riding on Car Hood

  • Published on:  6/17/2019
  • You don't see this every day. A hawk hitches a ride on a car in Los Angeles. The driver and her friend are amazed as their stubborn passenger continues his bizarre journey. The hawk stares straight into the eyes of the startled driver. Many people watched as the car drove by with the hawk riding on the hood. Finally, after 15 minutes, the hawk took flight. The driver said the experience was unbelievable, and she joked that she gave an Uber ride to the bird.Video courtesy Matt and Staci Eddy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmpZy...


  • yibelula med 1 months ago

    He starred at her like, Lady I had a really bad day don't mess with me.

  • Lumen 1 months ago


  • Diana Salazar 1 months ago

    yibelula med 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Stef K 1 months ago

    A hawk landed on Rebecca Hawks car so she calls the screen writter for Black Hawk Down haha

  • Connor Dayman 1 months ago

    Then Tony Hawke hit him with his skateboard.

  • Hatake Nigkashi 1 months ago

    I thought the same thing but they said Hobbs

  • Karen A 1 months ago

    Lol he just flew off without paying his über tab. How rude!

  • Gaming with Aaliyah 1 months ago

    -Tcáf- Issa joke!!!

  • Mordecai 1 months ago

    Mate human population cuts down trees and start fires in forests aka their home the least we can do for them is give them a free ride

  • isabellagoria 1 months ago

    Why am I laughing so hard 😂😂😂“Did we just provide an Uber ride for a hawk”

  • Josh Gadderfeds 1 months ago

    He was looking for lisa he wanted to confront her.

  • Lune Cyr 1 months ago


  • Trojanhead714 1 months ago

    Lisa guerrero Would have confronted the Hawk

  • Oda Yaka 1 months ago

    @Alhps hahahahahaha 😂

  • DirtyJ 1 months ago

    Someone had to say it

  • idk ._. 1 months ago

    Hawk: zero stars and no tip!I do not recommend this driver. She kept yelling at me. For some reason she got angry at me for pooping on her car.

  • yibelula med, tell your Uber friend that people feel bad for him

  • yibelula med 29 days ago

    My friend is a uber driver, he will tell you, that is exactly how some riders behave 😁😁

  • David Pryor 1 months ago

    00:11 that look reminds me of Godzilla.

  • TBH I low key thought the same thing

  • Aaron Mc 1 months ago

    That's exact face Godzilla makes lol

  • dallashood67 1 months ago

    “Wanna get out and shoo him?”“...NO!”Lmaooo

  • Metra force 1 months ago

    *All it wanted was a ride...*

  • Shangaru _Official 28 days ago

    Probably gonna steal his car

  • metra force, but it didn’t give any money