Apple iPhone Xs Review: A (S)mall Step Up!

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Everything you need to know about iPhone Xs and Xs Max!iPhone Xs Max Unboxing: Xs skins: The wallpaper: Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: I'm using right now: Track: Voices by 20syl~ provided by Apple for review.


  • Dhiraj Gawande
    Dhiraj Gawande 11 months ago+2393

    If it costs 2000$ in my country, it better be made of vibranium.

  • B dog Playz
    B dog Playz 10 months ago+2606

    2030: iPhone XXXSSSSSSSSS MAX
    “As big as a tv as expensive as a tank”

  • KarmaForThe DramaLlama
    KarmaForThe DramaLlama 7 months ago+861

    No one gonna mention how adorable his dog is? No? Just me? Mmkay 🐕

  • Clone clutz
    Clone clutz 7 months ago+597

    fingerprint scanner on the apple logo would be cool
    Edit:with Face ID as well

  • OP lama lizard random things

    Why didn't apple call the iPhone xs max the iPhone xl

  • Cookie Tasty
    Cookie Tasty 11 months ago+4068

    One small step for technology,
    one giant leap for pricing.

  • M S S
    M S S 7 months ago+377

    who actually wants him to act as a tech geek intern in a new marvel movie?

  • Wetsock
    Wetsock 8 months ago+692

    9:29 I guess they never miss huh?

  • Nick Sanchez
    Nick Sanchez 10 months ago+482

    Just upgraded from a 6s to the xs, will be here this week. Excited

  • Gaming Maniac
    Gaming Maniac 10 months ago+48

    Marques.. :- "OnePlus 6T might have it.. "
    The day of 6T review..
    "I've been using this device for more than a month now"

  • Alex BLAH
    Alex BLAH 2 months ago+72

    About to switch from Note 8 back to iPhone. All the bells and whistles have been great for 2 years but I miss the simplicity of apple.

  • Jake 3752
    Jake 3752 3 months ago+64

    I'm going to a XS from a 5S in around 3 weeks. The 5S was my first phone. Got it for my 13th birthday, 5 years and 2 months ago. I know it'll be a huge difference and a decent learning curve. I can imagine that I'll spend hours just trying to find all the things 3D touch can do, and I'll probably spend just as long just marvelling at the camera and screen upgrades.
    It's kinda funny. I'll be going from the first iPhone with a fingerprint scanner to the second one to have FaceID.

  • Desmond Yeo
    Desmond Yeo 10 months ago+44

    People tends to complain how expensive and lame iPhones are.
    But still, many still buy them. Everyone has their own preference.

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney 3 months ago+144

    iPhone xxxtentacion. idk. just a thought.

  • Zishan
    Zishan 11 months ago+2059

    Seriously guys, we need to stop the trend of 1000$ phones. Not just iphone, but any phone. The more we take it for granted the more closer we get to 1500$ trend, which is exactly what we as the consumers do not want.

  • Ryan McCaffrey
    Ryan McCaffrey 10 months ago +308

    I’ve just read through various comments, mostly Apple-supporting replies to genuine comments about how much Apple is ripping us off.
    Now, this isn’t a new concept for us, Apple have done it for years. Although being ripped off could be subjective, particularly if you don’t use many of the product features.
    I switched to Apple when the iPhone 4 was released, since then I’ve had fairly regular upgrades. Each year the new product took the price of last years product, with the old one being knocked down in price until phased out. That was until the iPhone X was released. I’m baffled at how the iPhone X gives Apple the leverage to charge so much more? It’s a new year, new tech, and should be about the same price as the previous years flagship.
    I think it was a test. A test to see how much consumers were willing to pay for a new design. Remember, the iPhone 4 was a brand new design over the 3GS, but the price wasn’t inflated by 50% (or so).
    512gb in a phone is quite extreme, particularly with the advent of cloud storage. But, £1449 for a phone with this amount of storage is almost the same price as a current line MacBook. That’s just plain crazy.
    What it has done, though, is pave the way for hugely inflated iPad prices due any day now. Again, there’s no reason for a price hike based on my analogy above, it’s a new year, new products, old flagship prices should remain. But they won’t, you mark my words.
    Those ‘complaining’ and being told ‘well don’t buy them then’ are missing the point. The people now complaining are the ones who love Apple products, the ones who have spent thousands upon thousands over the years who are now being thanked by these ridiculous prices. £1449 for a phone. Just repeat that back to yourself.
    The iPhone 8 Plus, which incidentally is the one I use and won’t be upgrading again for quite some time, is kind of old for 2018. It’s price should reflect that, with the X and XS/XS Max taking its place at similar prices to the 8.
    It took days for Apple to run out of stock of the new phones for 2018 after release. Days. It used to take just hours, if that.
    So yeah, I agree with the complaints, and so should you. If you don’t, you’re part of the reason for yearly price increases to come. We all know Apple’s pricing is premium, but not this year, this year they’re taking the p**s out of you.

  • Sangeeta Jena
    Sangeeta Jena 3 months ago+21

    Just upgraded from 6s to Xs. Camera quality is 🔥. Still getting used to it as i have a habit of clicking home button for no reason and kinda missing that in XS lol.

  • Anand Arslan
    Anand Arslan 7 months ago+7

    Meh waiting for .... Iphone 15 XSSSS Double X-tra Large Max S

  • Blue Carbon
    Blue Carbon 3 months ago+17

    The IP68 thing was a little anti-climactic.

  • Molly's Lovechild
    Molly's Lovechild 11 months ago+1721

    Perfect timing I was just starting my 12 minute poop😅