Questions The Rise of Skywalker Better Answer

  • Published on:  7/14/2019
  • Plenty of questions are left to be answered in Episode IX, and Star Wars fans can only hold out hope that it will deliver. From Rey's true heritage to Lando Calrissian's return, these are just some of the biggest questions fans have going into The Rise of Skywalker. One of the biggest mysteries within this new trilogy has centered on Rey, an extremely talented Jedi in training who, one might assume, comes from talented stock. Much like Luke Skywalker, who ended up serving as her mentor in The Last Jedi, Rey clearly comes from a storied family, and in The Force Awakens, it seemed like the next one or two installments might clear up who her parents truly were and whether or not she was a Skywalker, a Solo, or a member of another powerful legacy clan.In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren broke the news to Rey that she was nothing but the child of, quote, "junk traders" but naturally, most fans don't believe that a Jedi with such natural talent who seems poised to take up the lightsaber of someone like Luke Skywalker came from a clan of nobodies. Will The Rise of Skywalker reveal that she's actually a Skywalker? All we can do is wait and find out.Introduced in The Force Awakens, Maz Kanata has left audiences curious since her first moment onscreen. A wise being who is apparently over a thousand years old, Maz is as inscrutable as she is sarcastic and endlessly endearing. Keep watching the video as we discuss the questions The Rise of Skywalker better answer!#RiseOfSkywalker#StarWars#EpisodeIXWas Kylo Ren lying about Rey's parents? | 0:16How did Maz Kanata get Luke's lightsaber? | 1:05Is the Emperor alive? | 2:06Why is Lando back? | 3:18Will Leia die in Episode IX? | 4:19Who is the Skywalker rising? | 5:18


  • escha eau.c33
    escha eau.c33 1 months ago+364

    Kylo Ren will never be Darth Vader because his hatred of sand isn't higher than his quest for power.

  • Berry Baming
    Berry Baming 1 months ago+198

    Stuff we need;
    -"Hello There"
    -"Dew It"
    -"Red Five Standing By"

  • JustJedi
    JustJedi 1 months ago+283

    I think we all want a “Hello There” from Mr. Ben Kenobi as a force ghost

  • JustJedi
    JustJedi 1 months ago+215

    Maybe a “do it” from the Emperor would be nice

  • Armageddon2077
    Armageddon2077 1 months ago+209

    Looper: Questions the Rise of Skywalker better answer
    Me: It won't

  • NET Alliance
    NET Alliance 1 months ago+262

    Give me a Luke force ghost talking to Anakin and Obi Force ghost and I'm sold.

  • GrizzledElite
    GrizzledElite 1 months ago+148

    Luke’s lightsaber?? It’s Anakin’s lightsaber the little lady kept.

  • J Greg
    J Greg 1 months ago+107

    My biggest question, how many fans will follow through on their promise to never watch another Star Wars movie after the last jedi.

  • Steven James
    Steven James 1 months ago+30

    Isn't a Jedi supposed to build their own lightsaber?

  • Baskhem Jingmut
    Baskhem Jingmut 1 months ago+27

    They will probably subvert our expectations 😉

  • Jose Parcenary
    Jose Parcenary 1 months ago+30

    Questions The Rise of Skywalker Better Answer:
    1) Will that kid at the end of TLJ (6:04) have the barn cleared up by the time boss comes back?

    BYRON NOBLE 1 months ago+138

    I hope The Rise of Skywalker movie explain stuff, because the Last Jedi made no sense whatsoever, and fail to explain stuff. Like Snoke and The Knights of Ren

    GUNNERBASE 1 months ago+68

    if palpatine comes back as a hologram i’m gonna be super pissed

  • Right Republicans
    Right Republicans 1 months ago+103

    If Anakin isn’t in episode 9 then I’m officially done with Star Wars.

  • SavageRicktator
    SavageRicktator 1 months ago+26

    Some clarification with Snoke and his backstory needs to be addressed. Exactly what was his purpose? just another clone of Palpatine's creation

  • Billman Warren
    Billman Warren 1 months ago+13

    JJ Abrams answering questions? It will Never happen. He loves his mystery box too much.

  • Delma Najlepsza
    Delma Najlepsza 1 months ago+30

    Funny, I was watching ep9 trailer again and then I saw this...
    Looper u are using force

  • Logan Demaray
    Logan Demaray 1 months ago+28

    1:40 she is not able to use the force, but only feel the presence of it

  • Austin Frye
    Austin Frye 1 months ago+6

    Finally a Looper video NOT about Endgame

  • Flying Wookie
    Flying Wookie 21 days ago+7

    Ugh she doesn’t NEED to be from a famous lineage 🙄🙄🙄