• Published on:  5/27/2019
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  • Sam Leung
    Sam Leung 2 months ago+1475

    so heartwarming to see someone just enjoying the simplest of things like hanging out with family and friends just for meals. happy birthday Jason!

  • ohyeahyeah
    ohyeahyeah 2 months ago+988

    he is getting 100x better after leaving trisha. no fights, more controll on what he eats

  • Nic G
    Nic G 2 months ago+765

    Jason’s been 45 for about 3 years now

  • Gunner Barron
    Gunner Barron 2 months ago+354

    I lowkey feel super bad for Jason. I think he deserves more appreciation.

  • Angelia Settle
    Angelia Settle 2 months ago+297

    Lorraine: David you have a beautiful family...
    David: You're in it so...
    Lmao I love watching all of them!!

  • Edward Robb
    Edward Robb 2 months ago+1326

    Jason is the most underrated and underappreciated member of vlogsquad

  • Maria Esquivel
    Maria Esquivel 2 months ago+162

    “ and we are going to get Starbucks today girls” I love Jason omg

  • Novux
    Novux 2 months ago+156

    'I save my energy for emergencies'...... such a mood

  • Amber Ferryman
    Amber Ferryman 2 months ago+392

    I feel some type of way that david didn't go all out for Jason's birthday. I hope he is doing something for him in his next vlog.. after all he is Jason's dad😂🤣😎

  • Katelynn Stafford
    Katelynn Stafford 2 months ago+66

    Jason:Is the chicken nugget bad for you?
    David: No it’s like a vitamin!☺️

  • Yasmiena X
    Yasmiena X 2 months ago+1589

    Jason: do you know what’s so awesome about my mom?
    Erin: everything she’s amazing
    my heart

  • Victoria Ivy
    Victoria Ivy 2 months ago+27

    David: “Mrs Nash”
    Me: WRONG! “Mrs Dobrik” 👌🏼

  • syd n
    syd n 2 months ago+124

    Carly: "I know this isn't family friendly but I really want the D!"
    Omfg I laughed so hard when she said that!!!

  • Skylar Yearout
    Skylar Yearout 2 months ago+16

    This video should be called “David dobrik being 8 years old for 16 minutes and 24 seconds”

  • Kate McDonnell
    Kate McDonnell 2 months ago+40

    Does Wyatt remind anyone else of Finn Wolfhard???

  • D Austin
    D Austin 2 months ago+1258

    Can we take a moment and also congratulate Jason's sister on her graduation from harvard 👏👏👏

  • ZzChriszZ Playz
    ZzChriszZ Playz 2 months ago+38

    Jason low key has the best merch out of the voice vlogsquad that dandelion is fire

  • Analise Householder
    Analise Householder 2 months ago+39

    Why did it piss me off so much that Mariah took the donut Carly just asked to have 💁lmao

  • MaureenOlivia
    MaureenOlivia 2 months ago+169

    Idk why but it really bothered me that Mariah took Carlies donut 🙄

  • Meg Is-Overit
    Meg Is-Overit 2 months ago+68

    Your mom is the best. Happy Birthday Jason. Wishing you all happiness and blessings.