iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • Some highlights from the 2018 Apple Event! Hands on with the new iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr and the new gold Apple Watch Series 4.
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  • Domoniquelovesthelord

    Absolutely loved this video ❤️ 30 seconds in the video and subscribed!! 💕

  • On Rax
    On Rax 2 days ago

    Did anyone else get a Samsung ad

  • Dontae Jarell
    Dontae Jarell 4 days ago

    Nice sos features cunm in handy

  • Dontae Jarell
    Dontae Jarell 4 days ago

    Im confused what's the highest trim level you can get on apple iPhones

  • MyLifeAsAlexander
    MyLifeAsAlexander 4 days ago

    3:43 girl. In Canada the 512GB iPhone XS Max is $2000 without tax

  • •Skyler Emerson•

    I really hope they come out with a Xs Mini because my hands are tiny lol

  • Spots 1819
    Spots 1819 4 days ago

    I'll take your old phone!!!!! Mine is still a 6........😩😩😩📱📱

  • Alyssa MM
    Alyssa MM 8 days ago

    I want the yellow xr, gonna be saving for it, not a bad price for a phone that nice, I don’t need a super amazing high quality camera that isnt too different in the long run and I also heard people have problems with the oled screen and I’m prone to migraines. Anyone want to put their input on Xs or XR?

  • vikhaizii raomai
    vikhaizii raomai 8 days ago

    Is iPhone coming with 5G

  • Grace Leilani
    Grace Leilani 9 days ago

    I got the iphone XR!! :D

  • Melisa Muhic
    Melisa Muhic 13 days ago

    Why do android user come to iPhone vids just to trash talk iPhones. Y’all good or ?

  • Braydon Huddleston
    Braydon Huddleston 14 days ago

    I got the gold XS and I love it! Thanks to Justine I got GOLD!

  • Project zorgo Project zorgo is always watching

    I have the iPhone XX in rose gold

  • Scary Time
    Scary Time 15 days ago

    iPhone 10 looks like a nasty android mobile phone...

  • Terrizzia Harris
    Terrizzia Harris 17 days ago

    Don't know which one I want between the XS MAX or the XR because I wanna use them for movies and video and I want a bigger gig

  • Candida Feliz
    Candida Feliz 18 days ago+3

    *I absolutely love this phone !!>>>**ur2.pl/1250** I wasn’t planning on getting it but when I saw it in person and played with it my jaw dropped . Absolutely amazing !! Super easy to use . I thought I wouldn’t get used to not having the home button , the thought scared me but it’s super simple to go back home. The screen is huge! The battery life is super long . Super clear videos , and the pictures WOW Amazing!!!! I love it !!! Best purchase ive made!!*

  • Tfue
    Tfue 18 days ago

    Hello it’s 2050 and we are releasing the iPhone IAir and it will be $10,000
    Wat? “Wallet has left the chat”

  • Karla K
    Karla K 20 days ago

    I have the Xs ;)

  • Ella Molly
    Ella Molly 20 days ago

    myself and my dad are big Apple Heads (enthusiasts) we don't get the new stuff all the time but are both fascinated by the technology

  • dice es
    dice es 23 days ago

    The iphone 11 only 3,000$