Testing 5 New AirPods Accessories!



  • Sem .Emmelot
    Sem .Emmelot 6 months ago+1516

    4:08 biggest flex of 2019

  • Marcos Rodriguez
    Marcos Rodriguez 6 months ago+2532

    The best accessory is just a Colgate floss sticker for the front of the AirPods case.

  • Marcos Rodriguez
    Marcos Rodriguez 6 months ago+1651

    The fidget spinner case is cool and all until it flies out of your hand on public transportation and you never see your AirPods again.

  • Justin Le
    Justin Le 6 months ago+426

    "Which AirPods are they? I have so many"
    Can't relate 😭

  • Ethan LaBelle
    Ethan LaBelle 6 months ago+554

    i don't even have airpods what am i doing

  • Isaiah Mitchell
    Isaiah Mitchell 6 months ago+588

    How did AirPods suddenly become so popular? Didn’t they release in 2016? It’s 2019!

  • Nicholas Gromowski
    Nicholas Gromowski 6 months ago+80

    product rated for 3 feet
    throws it in 5 feet for half an hour
    doesn't work

  • Investing Hustler
    Investing Hustler 6 months ago+619

    I cheated on my exam all thanks to my AirPods 🤪😱

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 6 months ago+328

    makes airpods a fidget spinner
    Apple: Am i a joke to you!

  • Johnny Wynn
    Johnny Wynn 6 months ago+115

    i sMeLl bRoKe iN tHe cOmMEnT sEcTIoN

  • Eddie Najera
    Eddie Najera 6 months ago+224

    why dont you put links?

  • Big Boi Chungus
    Big Boi Chungus 6 months ago+145

    My chungus needs AirPods

  • Briggs
    Briggs 6 months ago+85

    I swear air pods must make apple a fortune now that it’s a meme and all.

  • Dan & Mireille Goneau
    Dan & Mireille Goneau 3 months ago+11

    Bro!! Its actually really ——commercial——
    Hard to watch your —— commercial——
    Videos when you put —— commercial ——
    Ads every 5 —— commercial——
    minutes. I know this is your full time job and all... —— commercial ——
    But you have 10x the adds —— commercial ——
    As others. Maybe —— commercial ——
    Get some —— commercial ——
    sponsors? —— commercial——

  • fidg3t sl0th
    fidg3t sl0th 5 months ago+16

    Playing with the magnet on the airpod case is 100x better than a fidget spinner

  • Beth Lester
    Beth Lester 2 months ago+9

    sorry I can barely hear you, I’m wearing my 2.99 Chinese knockoffs

  • austind715
    austind715 6 months ago+14

    I don’t need a fidget spinner AirPod case! I like to open and close my case! It’s very satisfying! 😂

  • Simming Sister
    Simming Sister 6 months ago+22

    can’t afford to buy airpods ahahahaha
    *cries in broke*

  • Manuel Cordeiro
    Manuel Cordeiro 6 months ago+11

    *Posted 8 min ago

  • asherplayz
    asherplayz 8 hours ago

    8:01 he got that woosh