Movies In Minutes - Avengerz

  • Published on:  5/14/2012
  • Spoof of Avengers.


  • Lily B
    Lily B 2 years ago+677

    For those of you who didn't read the credits:
    The-Or: Ryan
    Captain Canadia: Ryan
    Incredible Anger Management Hulk: Ryan
    Hawkeye: Ryan's brother
    Black Widow: Ryan's friend, Greg
    Nick Fury: Ryan's other friend, Devan
    Iron: Ryan's Iron
    Lamp in the background: Ryan's lamp
    Runner #72: Ryan's Other Friend, Kyle
    Runner #808: Ryan's other friend, Jason
    Runner#916: Ryan's other friend, Greg
    Spiderman: Hulk
    Guy #1 Running into intro: Ryan
    Guy #2 Running into intro: Ryan
    Taxi driver in Traffic intro: Vee
    Producer: Ryan
    Production assistant: Ryan
    Production's assistant Secretary's Helper: Ryan
    Editor: Greg
    Guy who watched editor: Ryan
    Cinematographer: Ryan
    Wardrobe: Ryan
    Makeup: Ryan
    Set designer: Ryan
    Choreogropher: Ryan
    Chef: Boy R D
    Masseuse: Ryan
    Guy getting Massage: Greg
    Canadian guy who kind of knows Canadian and should not be teaching Canadian to anyone: Ryan
    Hi Mom
    Ryan Hey girl!
    Girl Hey Ryan! You're cute!
    Ryan Thanks girl, you wanna go out for some Chinese food?
    Girl Um, sure... actually my IBS has been acting up so I don't think it's a good idea.
    Ryan Oh, ok well bye.
    Nobody is going to be Reading this stuff but I'm
    going to be writing a bunch of stuff anyway.
    To the person who is reading this, I give you
    props. I wouldn't have spent the time to read
    this. In fact, all of this probably doesn't make
    sense because we're currently editing at like
    4:15 am and we're exhaused. ANYWAY I
    just wanted to say that because you read this
    you are now better than 99% of the people
    who didn't read this. I don;t know what
    exactly makes you better...but you are.
    AND know that in your heart and in your mind
    and in your heart you and only you can
    prevent forest fires. Come to think of it,
    if smokey the bear approached me in the
    middle of a forest and told me not to play
    with fire, I'd be so scared that he was talking
    that I'd probabaly try to light that bastard
    on fire.
    Please dont sue me for using a copyrighted product.

  • Tanisha Mollah
    Tanisha Mollah a years ago+647

    Now it's Avengers Infinity War! With Black Panther

  • Timothy C
    Timothy C a years ago+182

    "I require a new hammer"
    Casually predicts whats gonna happen in avengers infinity war

  • Wyteboard Owen
    Wyteboard Owen a years ago+173

    Who was here after infinity war

  • Aadithya Pradeep
    Aadithya Pradeep 3 years ago+2205

    incredible anger management hulk
    i a m hulk

  • Cyanapse
    Cyanapse a years ago+77

    Anyone here after Infinity War?
    Dora the Explorer dies

  • FaultyWires
    FaultyWires a years ago+68

    5 years later, I just got the period joke 😂😅

  • Caleeb Newtown
    Caleeb Newtown  a years ago+31

    The anger management hulk is basically what the hulk is now

  • Diamond Potato
    Diamond Potato 3 months ago+16

    Tell me I’m not alone in 2019 watching this video

  • Master Chi
    Master Chi 3 years ago+975

    I am now better than 99% other people who watched this video. There are only a few other people that know that what I'm talking about.

  • OverwatchMain
    OverwatchMain 3 months ago+20

    ryan predicted tom holland in marvel😂

  • Mansirat Singh
    Mansirat Singh a years ago+83

    1:15 Ryan saw into the future. That's Korg from Thor Ragnarok

  • Ultimate Genius
    Ultimate Genius 2 years ago+84

    I am better than 99% and I have something to do with forest fires

  • Lena Daniel
    Lena Daniel a years ago+39

    IDK why...but I slowed down the credits so I could read it... it was weird...

  • Me Me
    Me Me 7 months ago+13

    Ryan predicted Hulk not getting angry anymore in Infinity War! Maybe the way to wake him up is for...
    Bruce to see someone texting and driving xD

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez 11 months ago+24

    I'd also light that bastard on fire
    1% of yall would uderstand

  • Ai'Shah Balogun
    Ai'Shah Balogun a years ago+13

    "In a world. There is traffic. And other stuff too."
    😂😂😂 what d hell kind of intro is that?

  • Haasini Kellampalli
    Haasini Kellampalli 3 months ago+7

    " I need a new hammer"
    Did ryan just predict Thor's story in infinity war and ragnorak?!

  • morgrïm
    morgrïm 3 years ago+1654

    I'm dead😂 batman was texting while driving.👏😂

  • Gopu nii-chan
    Gopu nii-chan a years ago+13

    Who else heard him say "That's what she said"