Old Spice | Hair Helmet



  • TechTezza
    TechTezza 3 years ago+7

    This would trade for a fortune on Team Fortress 2

  • Boogster Su
    Boogster Su 3 years ago+54

    Football would be a lot more entertaining if every single player wears this.

  • Inteon Nothing
    Inteon Nothing 3 years ago+10

    "Innovation at its greatest"
    Everyone who watched this video - 2015

  • David Dalziel
    David Dalziel 3 years ago+18

    GENTLEMEN! Who stole my hairarium?

  • BlakeMcTavishe
    BlakeMcTavishe 3 years ago+12

    The Hairmet

  • LazärheaD
    LazärheaD 3 years ago+9

    Level 80 Legendary Helmet

  • parkeryourefired
    parkeryourefired 3 years ago

    Helm of Fabio +10
    - Offers a glorious mane of protection.
    - All enemies' arguments are invalid.

  • William Divine
    William Divine 3 years ago+3

    These commercials...they're not just commercials. They're an experience.

  • Robbie Jensen
    Robbie Jensen 3 years ago+5

    I didn't even try to get here so early. I guess I'm just super talented.

  • Blessranger
    Blessranger 3 years ago

    Kabuki anyone?!
    0:35 Just watch...

  • spaggers
    spaggers 3 years ago+1


  • Maximum Blaster
    Maximum Blaster 3 years ago

    LOL you filmed this in W+K, budget must be pretty tight on this one

  • Griffin Rogers
    Griffin Rogers 3 years ago+2

    Can't wait to see who gets this one! Hint, Green Bay packers

  • Teresa Bates
    Teresa Bates 3 years ago

    For a moment I thought it was going to be Barbara Streisand

  • Spyro Jyro
    Spyro Jyro 3 years ago

    Is this a reupload?

  • Jan Stue
    Jan Stue 3 years ago

    Damn I always knew this was his secret

  • Gilded
    Gilded 3 years ago

    Being early is an experience.

  • Spirit Of Hatred
    Spirit Of Hatred 3 years ago

    Re upload?

  • Matt Britzius
    Matt Britzius 3 years ago

    detroit lions should have mane helmets.

  • Jared Heit
    Jared Heit 3 years ago

    absolutely brilliant