My Parents Hid A Secret About My Body For Over 10 Years!

  • Published on:  1/23/2020
  • Hello, I’m Sam and I will share with you a creepy story that happened to me. So I’m a 17 years old highschool student and I have a crush on a guy called Ben. He doesn’t know it yet but i’m planning on telling him soon. Ben and I share most of our classes. Well, honestly I joined the classes that he did just so that I get closer to him. I think Ben thought I’m weird because I ended up in all of his classes. Today at school I bumped into him and he made a disgusted face and walked away.. I knew it would be to confess straight to his face. So i had to write him a letter instead. I prepared a pink letter covered with red hearts I expressed all my feelings to him in it. Next morning when i came to school and i went to Ben’s seat and left the letter in his backpack As I walked out, the whole school was talking about how Ben and Stacy started dating. My heart was shattered. I felt hopeless so I ran to the bathroom and just sat there and cried my eyes out. Then I washed my face and dried it with toilet paper and on my way out i heard ben and his friends coming towards the bathrooms. then I heard someone saying: “did you see Sam? she’s totally into you.” She burst into tears when she saw you with stacy What did I just hear? Are they laughing at me? I had to follow them but they went into the shower room. I still had to hear everything they said about me, curiosity kills me... I tried to listen through the door but it wasn’t clear enough so i had to walk in. I snuck in quietly while the boys were showering... I approached Ben’s locker just to see what he keeps there!! I saw his name on the locker so i opened it and i heard the water turn off and the boys were coming towards the lockers. I freaked out so I hopped in the locker hoping that Ben won’t open it and there he was standing like a model in a white towel drying his hair with another towel I melted i have to admit even though he laughed at me My heart was racing but I’m not sure if it was because I’m in his locker and about to get caught or because he is so damn handsome All the boys started opening their lockers so i planned to act like I fainted in the locker... but my eyes couldn’t let go of Ben as is saw him opening the locker in front of the one in which I was, which also said Ben!!!! OMG am i that stupid to forget that my brother’s name is also BEN?? I was so blinded by Ben that I hopped into my own brothers locker! I hatee myselffff i even sniffed his underwearrr What is wrong with me eww I got sick and wanted to throw up but holding it in just made it all worse. The boys finished dressing up and left the shower room. I jumped out right away to breathe some fresh air and tried to walk out but the shower room was locked. I decided to go through Ben’s stuff and wait for someone to come open the door. What excuse do I have for being in the boys shower room? Well at least i had Ben’s stuff there to explore. I opened his locker, found his t-shirt and felt so happy, indifferent to the fact that I was locked up in there. Anyway, I found a cute album so i decided to open it. And I couldn’t believe what I saw! I dropped the album and just stood there shaking. I picked it up again to check if what I saw was correct and there were my pictures. Pictures of me eating Pictures of me going to bed Pictures of me changing clothes Was he stalking me?? B..Ben is a stalker..?? Is it really ben? I can’t believe this.. I even couldn’t feel love to him anymore. I felt creeped out! The sun went down and the shower room started to get cold and I was all alone with no backpack and no phone stuck in that cold place with that horrible fact. I just waited for my brother to notice that I’m not home and decided to take a nap on the floor just to kill time. Then I heard some noises outside. I waited for the sound to get louder so i can call for help, but maybe it was just the wind. I kept trying to sleep, then I heard someone getting closer to the door. so i started screaming for help. And suddenly in that silence someone started breaking the door. I yelled: “coach is that you??” but to no avail. I started to feel a bit scared as I heard someone breaking the door. Once the door was open I saw Ben standing there and he said “finally.. you’re all mine now” with a grin on his face.. He must have noticed that I'm not in my bedroom to stalk me so he came searching for me... or was he stalking me from the very beginning? I don’t know anymore but what do I do now?! I hit him with the album and ran down the hallway as he started chasing me but all the school doors were locked.