"I'll Just Eat Until I'm Dead, Probably" | My 3000-lb Family



  • Bennett Cole
    Bennett Cole 2 months ago+6952

    I feal bad for the person filming, that would be so awkward if you were filming a naked 1000 pound kid yelling at his dad about McDonalds while playing fortnite

  • Camila Morales
    Camila Morales 7 days ago+682

    “i wish i could just eat eat eat and not gain weight”

  • Jaden Bhatti
    Jaden Bhatti 7 days ago+239

    Shout-out to his bed for staying in the game

  • Miguel Apodaca
    Miguel Apodaca 14 days ago+444

    This man added more salt to his already salty enough food wtf

  • Aiminater
    Aiminater 7 days ago+173

    How to get your life together.
    Step 1:Eat less
    Step 2:Resist the urge to eat so much
    Step 3: Walking
    Step 4:Go to the Gym
    Step 5: Go outside
    Step 6:Believable

  • Ongo Gablogian
    Ongo Gablogian 3 months ago+8195

    His stomach hangs so low that they don't have to censor his crotch

  • _.TylersYellowFlowers Josh

    I feel really bad for the dad! 😢 The son is so ungrateful! Whenever I get food from anywhere from my mom, dad, or grandparents, and they don’t get themselves something, I get upset, and mad that they didn’t get themselves something! 😢

  • Charlie2207
    Charlie2207 14 days ago+443

    I’m not being mean, but I literally think my whole body would weigh as much as 1 of his arms.

  • PlayGyal Kale
    PlayGyal Kale 7 days ago+263

    Yeaaaah.. lemme go get that gym membership right quick 💀

  • RomeIsDead
    RomeIsDead 14 days ago+184

    “It’s hot in Georgia” has a fan on his dresser but it’s off

  • Sgt Pot
    Sgt Pot 21 days ago+1339

    So this is the guy who trash talked me on Xbox Live

  • •Mel_Mag!c•
    •Mel_Mag!c• 14 days ago+197

    Imagine the people or friends he is playing with asks him to put on face-cam

  • Beau Narum
    Beau Narum 7 days ago+130

    I love their attempts at censoring Halo, fortnite, and McDonalds

  • Mirrin Provan.
    Mirrin Provan. 7 days ago+60

    And y'all think your fat 😂

  • Eduardo Wedekind
    Eduardo Wedekind 7 days ago+77

    He lied about the order he just wanted more food

  • Anime Fangirl445
    Anime Fangirl445 1 months ago+3452

    This man is the representation of what your mom fears when she sees you playing video games all day...

  • Sam
    Sam 6 days ago+40

    He literally made me feel sick to my stomach whiles bathing

  • Montage Man
    Montage Man 7 days ago+64

    Him in Fortnite pic axing a wall.

  • Emma Cannon
    Emma Cannon 14 days ago+211

    Who else wants to work out after this

  • XxRedpandaFortnite
    XxRedpandaFortnite 7 days ago+67

    Bro 1# dad but come on your son looks like melting ice cream you need to stop giving him a bunch of food