"I'll Just Eat Until I'm Dead, Probably" | My 3000-lb Family



  • Kjones (Jan 28, 2019)

    I feel so bad for his dad

  • Michał Maciej (2 days ago)

    +Creepy Susie THIS. the first thing that came to my mind when I realised the parents split up is how irresponsible the dad was, could have been the reason of the breakup. The mother was right to kick him out, he is a grown ass man who should take responsibility for his health and expenses. With a dad like this he never will. Love is not about giving a loved one everything they expect or demand and I'm disturbed by the amount of likes under the original comment who pitied the dad.

  • Manaf Benayache (2 days ago)

    yeah i do as well ! well he can change if he wants to ! by the way you look cute girl i m Manaf nice to meet you girl

  • Fiona Lewis (1 day ago)

    Really he is pretty much blaming his weight on his dad. I feel so bad for his dad. This is crazy

  • NCG (2 hours ago)

    +Ashtxn because the dad buys more food for this kid than for himself, it's even in the video, he buys his kid a full meal while he bought himself only chips. he's not helping his kid only making him worse.

  • XXXTentantacle (9 hours ago)

    Fiona Lewis naw it’s fortnites fault

  • Anorak (1 day ago)

    He naked in bedroom but puts on shorts in bath

  • Audrey Sibley (13 hours ago)


  • Avery Floyd (14 hours ago)

    Hate to be that guy but he's outside...

  • expen (19 hours ago)

    His dads honestly such a nice guy he deserves better

  • Xeromorph exidious (4 hours ago)

    He made me cum

  • Bearzei (1 day ago)

    Respect to that bed for staying strong 💪💪

  • TheZamfot (3 hours ago)

    Amen 🤣🤣

  • edub863 (4 hours ago)

    +brianna rose it isn't his fault? Lol then who's the one putting the food in his mouth

  • TheLynnster (Jan 28, 2019)

    Why did we all get this recommended to us at the same time

  • 東kingkaneki 13 (1 day ago)

    I'm ur 500coment

  • Firstname Lastname (3 days ago)

    Becuase youtube recommendations are paid ads

  • Amira Bhayat (19 hours ago)

    “I wish I wasn’t in the situation I was it”*eats 5 hamburgers and 10 packets of fries*

  • Zakk (2 minutes ago)

    +hilios909 bro are you okay? cocaine's literal purpose is to make you addicted to it. food is to keep you alive being addicted to food is the fucking stupidest thing. and yes he did blame his father for it saying he was the person who brought him the food so its fault. and yes you can stop being addicted to food easier than a drug.

  • hilios909 (11 minutes ago)

    Zakk your point is that getting fat takes a long time so you can quit easily and being addicted to cocaine means you can’t quit fast? Bad arguement. you realize being addicted to food can be a condition, like it’s not something you can just stop doing. It doesn’t matter what state he was in or is in, he’s addicted to food and can’t stop eating it. Also he doesn’t solely blame his dad, he calls him the facilitator. I wouldn’t call him a retard either, I think you’re just trying to get a rise kid

  • Papayrus Z (1 day ago)

    The dude is playing fortniteKay that is it

  • Sasha vids Cute (1 hour ago)

    Every video I watch you commend

  • STOP STOP (5 hours ago)

    hes playing from season 7 i think

  • ducky XDDD (1 day ago)

    I feel so bad...for the bed.

  • Conner Hagerman (9 hours ago)

    sheike enshiewat why you on other comments just like this saying how bad they are and then do this?

  • Medhy wolf (13 hours ago)

    Come one man😂😂😂

  • Emma Wheeler (1 day ago)

    I feel super super super super bad for the dad. I feel like I’m gonna cry for the dad and the dog🥺😔

  • Xeromorph exidious (51 minutes ago)

    +Your Psychonaut He can't even catch the dog for being a blob. Dog would eat him and get as big as he is.

  • Your Psychonaut (1 hour ago)

    Why the dog? HahahahYou afraid he's gonna eat it?