"I'll Just Eat Until I'm Dead, Probably" | My 3000-lb Family



  • Successman (Jan 25, 2019)

    His room probably smells like boiled eggs

  • joanne kim (7 hours ago)

    Ohhh .LOL

  • Michael Kelly (Apr 15, 2019)

    He literally blamed his father...I'm speechless.

  • Jaxson Stewart (6 hours ago)

    The dad didn’t do shit

  • Jaxson Stewart (6 hours ago)

    He’s a pig

  • Lucas Michaud (Apr 15, 2019)

    0:23 plays Fornite naked *but yet*4:42 bathes with pants on

  • joanne kim (7 hours ago)

    +boiled egg Ohh .LOL 😂

  • FaZe Øctex (16 hours ago)

    +WolfyGamer r/wooooosh

  • Muhammad Uquaily (5 days ago)

    Him: fatness runs in our familyMe:dude nobody runs in your family

  • Gina Rees (9 minutes ago)


  • crustysmurf u (43 minutes ago)

    That's tough

  • WiteLightningHDW (Apr 15, 2019)

    such a nice father and the son takes it for granted

  • Jack Swegel (1 hour ago)

    +James Yuen it would be nice to go to Kenia it would change his life for real in all aspects of life.

  • Han nah (1 day ago)

    His dad is literally killing him

  • Younez Zeedijk (Feb 3, 2019)

    *the worst thing is that he plays fortnite*

  • Leaky (14 minutes ago)

    +John Hampshire and this person right here is the reason i dont play fortnite

  • Patrick Iguis (Feb 3, 2019)

    Younez Zeedijk why you gotta make this lil kid cry xD

  • F Dot (5 days ago)

    Did this guy just sprinkle salt inside his burger?

  • Sealson Kataru (10 hours ago)


  • Liza Fuller (1 day ago)

    Omg gross

  • Melanie King (5 days ago)

    I feel so bad for his dad. 😢 HE DIDNT EVEN DO ANYTHING!!! He just wanted to make his son happy 😔

  • TwistedLogik (2 days ago)

    Which is exactly the problem. He did nothing. In making him "happy" he is causing harm. They're both to blame.

  • ace king (3 days ago)

    Melanie King and he is blaming his dad

  • Jediah LaPlanche (5 days ago)

    Takes out 5 burgers....Hands his dad a fry 💀💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Whendi S. Roberts (12 hours ago)

    Jediah LaPlanche Thsts,what I said. He's a piece of shit. SCUM bucket piece of shit. Using his fsthers,love.

  • Not even a full pack of fries xD

  • Na Me (6 days ago)

    Am not a really big dude,But this is one of my biggest fears

  • salty nuts  (23 hours ago)

    That would actually be depressing to live like that dude in the vid

  • Mellow Accent (1 day ago)

    Self-control, my friend.