BEFORE YOU JUMP: The Downside of Age Gap Relationships | AmandaMuse

  • Published on:  3/4/2019
  • More Age Gap Fun: today's video I share some of the negative aspects of dating an older or younger person. Just things to consider before jumping into a relationship that you might not be ready for! From experience, to finances, family and more! Share your tips and experiences in the comments. Thanks for watching xo AmandaNEW PODCAST ALERT: Search "The Sandwich" and please listen, rate and review! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT XOSubscribe to AmandaMuse by clicking here: AmandaMuse on:-------------Instagram: -YouTube: "The Sandwich" Amanda's most loved items: Free Music from Audio NetworkBEFORE YOU JUMP: The Downside of Age Gap Relationships | AmandaMuse#amandamuse#relationships#agegap


  • Jannie Mette Dietz Krycerick

    Im 29 and my love is 52. We have been together for 3 years and every day i wake up and look at him i fall In love with him all over again. Love is amazing in any ages ❤️

  • digitalteacup
    digitalteacup 5 months ago+30

    I’m 36 and my husband is 56. He has more energy than me. Lol. He runs 6-8 half marathons a year, every year. We have an 11 year old and just had another baby who is 7 weeks old. I joke that my husband is younger than me on the inside. I feel like an old soul and our age gap has never been an issue. We’ve been together for 15 years.

  • It's Ivana
    It's Ivana 5 months ago+43

    I'm yet to find "my person" but I'll always keep my dad's advice in my head " Always try to find someone you have 70% in common and 30% that's unique to you both, but no matter how hard times/people get you must always always support each other & choose each other, cause on the end of the day it will be only you two."

  • AllThingsNatural
    AllThingsNatural 5 months ago+65

    I’ve always been attracted to men older than me. I’m 27 and won’t even look at a guy who is under 40 smh my mom thinks I’m crazy but hey you can’t help what you’re attracted to 😍 I love you and Dean by the way ♥️

  • Ky Shank
    Ky Shank 5 months ago+28

    This was one of the most interesting videos you've done (and I like ALL your videos). You are very well spoken and the content was presented so well. Really enjoyed watching it, even though it's not something on my mind. I've been married for seven years to my husband who is 6 years older to me.

  • sober Man 1
    sober Man 1 yesterday

    I am 60 years but I love one her age around 25 when I love her it is not in my hands to love her it is something powerful than me i do not choose my soul flying over tomorrow her

  • dreamhope forever
    dreamhope forever 5 months ago+13

    I'm currently dating someone who is 17 years older than me. Me seeing you with your husband gives me hope that one day, I will marry my boyfriend!

  • Armanda Mura
    Armanda Mura 5 months ago+19

    I'm not in an age gap relationship, but I find your insight into relationships and dynamics so empowering! Your positive vibe is just the best <3

  • Lana Agejev
    Lana Agejev 5 months ago+20

    This is the best and most helpful video I have ever seen. You've adressed every single thing I've ever thought and worried about. Thank you ❤.
    My partner is also 15 years older than me, so I have simmilar experiences and thoughts. Things can sometimes get rough, but I would never in a million years have it any other way :')
    Keep doing you, Amanda, you're touching so many hearts with your videos. ⭐

  • ClaudiaJuliet
    ClaudiaJuliet 5 months ago+22

    I have a crush on someone who is alomost 30 years older than me, so 15 years does not sound like a big age gap to me....

  • Barbara Harrison
    Barbara Harrison 1 months ago+6

    Love you; love your attitude. The man I love is 24 years younger than me and very concerned about
    how his family and friends will accept that. I already know my family would not like that We have a wonderful time together but neither family knows about the sexual side of our relationship. I know when an older man has a relationship with a much younger woman friends and family think it is wonderful; why the difference when it is turned around?

  • Ioanna Kekatos
    Ioanna Kekatos 3 months ago+8

    Just wanted to respond about having a child with your partner when they are getting older. I am 24 and my dad is 83 and my mom is fifteen years younger. I cherish my parents and actually love having older parents. I was very fortunate to have parents who both were very active and involved in my childhood. Just giving an example of when having a child older isn’t that bad! Also my parents are my best friends :)

  • f Brice
    f Brice 2 months ago+5

    Thanks fir this video my gf is 42 and im 28 and have been scared of what happens when we get older , im going to just let it go and see what happens

  • Joshua Taylor Madison
    Joshua Taylor Madison 5 months ago+16

    Michael Douglas is 74 and Catherine Zeta-Jones is 49; a 25 year age gap.

  • Andrii Vlasov
    Andrii Vlasov 2 days ago

    Sounds like a wise, high value woman.

  • Mila Randomness
    Mila Randomness 5 months ago+7

    My partner is only 5 years older, he has half the energy I have. I try hard to keep him fit and active to try and help with the energy but I’m failing. It’s frustrating

    SUNDAY OO 5 months ago+7

    Thank you Amanda! 💕My Husband and I are also in a Age Gap Relationship - 20 Years. I am 33 years old. He is 53 years old. 😍😘 Love from Calgary, CANADA 🇨🇦 XO

  • Sal Agnello
    Sal Agnello 3 months ago+6

    If you judge someone by age, you might as well judge by nationality, neither really tell you anything about the individual but instead tell you about your own preconceived biases. I always hate when people assume that relationships can’t work because of age (or some other bias), instead see people for the individuals they truly are and don’t close the door to the potential love of your life!

    ITZ PHOEBE 21 days ago+1

    I’m so glad that like all these comments are positive 🤝💖

  • Ms Poopybutthole
    Ms Poopybutthole 1 months ago+1

    Thank you for this video. From the bottom of my heart.
    I really had a difficult weekend about this. I met this guy exactly 16 days ago who is 16 years older than me. I am 23. I was never attracted to anyone like I was attracted to him. I know this is too early to think about relationships and whatnot. But I cannot imagine not seeing him. We saw each other for 5 days a week for 5-6 hours (work related). The weekends were horrible. He just makes me feel sth I never thought I could feel.
    A friend of mine dropped a bomb last sunday telling me that this has no future. And I believed her. So much so that I ended up crying all day. I mean I’m not even in a relationship with him. But the mere thought of impossibleness just crushed my heart.
    After this video I felt better. I don’t know if this will ever go beyond what we have now but one thing I know for sure. I want to explore this. Look where it’s gonna take me, us. We already talked about future dates outside work and after this Thursday we can make it official... I’m trying to be patient til Thursday! I can do this. I hope so...