• Published on:  9/5/2018


  • bobjobjoe 10 months ago

    I needed papa frank as a kid. I need joji as an adult. Thank you

  • Elijah Gallegos 8 months ago


  • Rainz 8 months ago

  • Phaxo 9 months ago

    This is it chief.

  • Julius Coleslaw 8 months ago

    Thx Phaxo, very cool

  • Chief Tooth 9 months ago

    Phaxo Thanks for letting me know

  • Aline Reyes 10 months ago

    This song makes me feel something. it's saddening, yet it makes me feel so peaceful and calm. like in a fantasy state of mind

  • Mr. Williams 8 months ago

    It's sad, yes. But, through the darkness of this song, I feel a faint sense of calm and acceptance . . . in a way . . . in my head.

  • Lance Kaufmann 8 months ago


  • Internet Explorer 10 months ago

    Anyone else laying down in their bed?Edit: Thanks for the likes, we should all lay down in bed together and listen to this song

  • Panda_love 8 months ago


  • Rainz 8 months ago


  • Nasir Djedi 10 months ago

    We gon hear this on the radio this is Joji's best work yet

  • Burga Tory 8 months ago

    poopoo peepee I mean the whole song is about being the last to dance and being left behind wounded, it's all about relationship issues which is super relatable...

  • W 6 8 months ago

    Too depressing

  • Fueygo Inc. 10 months ago

    From pink guy to joji, not disappointed

  • shloof 10 months ago

    @thybeach edshark stfu cunt

  • Sense Say 10 months ago

    Damn Joji, who broke your heart?

  • hello 8 months ago

    @rachel. what did she do?

  • Turtle Hurdle 8 months ago

    Chin chin

  • Kevin Zhang 9 months ago

    This man really ate hair cake

  • Jordy Montesinos 9 months ago

    @Crash Bandicunt pathetic.

  • Crash Bandicunt 9 months ago

    He did it for us

  • J̶ Ą Ý K̶ 10 months ago

    [Verse 1]I don't want a friend, just meI want my life in two (my life in two)Just one more nightWaiting to get thereWaiting for you (waiting for you)Just one more nightI'ma fight it all night[Pre-Chorus 1]When I'm around slow dancing in the darkDon't follow me, you'll end up in my armsYou done made up your mindI don't need no more signsCan you?Can you?[Chorus]Give me reasons we should be completeYou should be with him, I can't competeYou looked at me like I was someone else, one els...

  • Shawnee Martin 9 months ago

    I look for lyrics in comment sections cause there’s always someone who posts them and I appreciate it! Thanks for the lyrics! 🤗

  • madythebady 9 months ago

    Lame game well what if people dont want to do that and they just want to have it in the comment section??

  • Max Heilman 10 months ago

    I’ll always want a more experimental Joji like on Chloe Burbank, but this a major step up from In Tongues.Joji’s voice is lot more expressive here, and he’s using more of his range. I’m hoping he starts to change his flow a bit, though. He’s kinda stuck on this swung “la lala lala lala” feel. It works well enough, but it’s nothing compared to the more rhythmically varied stuff like what he hinted at on “You Suck Charlie.” It happens more on this song, which is good.Production wise, this thing is MASS...

  • HulaWars 8 months ago

    Chloe Burbank was lit

  • Max Heilman 9 months ago

    Here's my review of the whole album!