• Published on:  3/26/2017
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  • Victoria lily
    Victoria lily 2 years ago+621

    am i the only one who feels famous when they get 10 likes

  • Viviana Arteaga
    Viviana Arteaga 2 years ago+179

    Do a video where u do your makeup with paint brushes only!!! #paintbrushchallenge

  • Aliya Kensler
    Aliya Kensler a years ago+98


  • Madi X
    Madi X 2 years ago+224

    READ THIS: GUYS who are going mental in the comments about her saying 'shaving cream isn't meant for your face', she has a boyfriend so she knows that it is meant on your face as men use it when shaving. What she meant was it's not meant to be rubbed into your pores and used as a cleanser. Men put it on their beards then use their razor to take it off after having it on their face for like 2 minutes. Cleansers which do take off your makeup, clog your pores and remove makeup residue in your pores that causes spots or acne. Shaving cream wasn't created for this purpose so can we all stop going on about this small mistake that she made. Okay, thank you, xxxx

  • Ryder Stone
    Ryder Stone 2 years ago+238

    Oh no she won't have good click bait because her thumbnail is broken…… i'll go home.

  • itsjustemy
    itsjustemy 2 years ago+83

    I love when people WANT freckles cuz I have freckles and I've heard some rude comments about them

  • Kennedy Slade
    Kennedy Slade 2 years ago+29

    She don't need a thumbnail for me to watch her video

  • MeCowEatHuman
    MeCowEatHuman 2 years ago+80

    Actually, an egg is yes, a unborn chicken that hasn't been fertilized by a male. However, since it hasn't been fertilized, it can't necessarily be considered a chicken and is (in several ways) the "period" of a female chicken. Just some general information.

  • Chris playz Fortnite
    Chris playz Fortnite a years ago+25

    Who is watching this in 2018

  • Slime licious
    Slime licious 2 years ago+363

    Sylvia: as you can see I broke my thumbnail
    Me: goes and checks thumbnail of video
    Me: doesn't seem broke
    Me: halfway through video OMG SYLVIAS THUMBNAIL IS BROKEN!!!
    Me now is like I'm so dumb lol

  • Sara L
    Sara L 2 years ago+36

    i always use baby powder for baking my under eye area and i think its actually better for you than make up powder because its to protect baby skin and product for babys are always super skin caring and mild to your skin. i would say the recommendation to not put into the face and eyes is also for babys because its worse for babys to breath it in and you should just not put it directly in your eye like every other powder. :)

  • vye pho eh
    vye pho eh 2 years ago+23

    Hey could you test the New Dream Cushion Foundation I have seen so many adds talking about it so I want to see if it actually works.

  • Kenzie Later
    Kenzie Later 17 hours ago

    OMG Kylie liked her IG picture!!!!!

  • Julia Harkey
    Julia Harkey 2 years ago+12

    Could you just do you're regular makeup tutorial, just with you're favourite brushes and makeup and everything, I love you! Please like so she can see, and write this in the comments if you agree!

  • Luere M
    Luere M 2 years ago+179

    When you do the egg mask you have use a foundation brush (that you don't like using anymore 😉). First, brush the egg white on the section of your face your working on then put the the toilet paper on top. Next, brush the egg white on top of the toilet paper. For me the egg white mask helps with my pores, some black heads, scaring and dead skin. It's also best to wash your wash face before doing so and to also just rinse it off after you do it. I hope this helps 😁🤗

  • jameela ruth
    jameela ruth 2 years ago+2

    I think the best drug store makeup sponge is the Real Techniques sponge which is $4.49 I'm pretty sure

  • Lucy Hellbroke
    Lucy Hellbroke 1 months ago+2

    Correction. You have a chicken menstrual period on your face. MUCH better. 😂😂

  • Sandy Sandy
    Sandy Sandy 2 years ago+14

    OMG Kylie liked her instagram picture!!

  • Maria Ana
    Maria Ana a years ago+2

    Somebody actually made Romanian subtitles?!?!?! I'm so proud.

  • TalkThatTalk
    TalkThatTalk 2 years ago+751

    DO A GUESS THE GIRLY ITEM PRICE WITH WOLFIE!!!!! lets make this happen guys!