BHAD BHABIE - "I Got It" (Official Music Video) | Danielle Bregoli

  • Published on:  11/30/2017
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  • Bhad Bhabie
    Bhad Bhabie  a years ago+9535

    i just liked my own video

  • b.maaax
    b.maaax 5 months ago+2006

    Bhad Bhabie: I got it
    Ariana: 7 Rings
    Me: I know I'm broke sis

  • MindDrift
    MindDrift 6 months ago+1200

    Haters admit, Ariana grande stole this and called it 7 rings.

  • Joe Sepeda
    Joe Sepeda 7 months ago+547

    If y'all listen to "MAMMA DONT WORRY I DID ALL THIS DIRT STILL AIN'T DIRTY" you will see the real side of her she really
    is not bad it's just the way she was raised 1🖒= 10 years good luck

  • keiヤイᗰᝪᝪᑎヤイ
    keiヤイᗰᝪᝪᑎヤイ 3 months ago+199

    Ariana:i want it
    Bhad bhabie:i got it
    Meh: 7 rings here T-T

  • Weirdflower
    Weirdflower a years ago+13793

    I wanted so bad to hate on this but I have to admit it’s not bad 👌🏾

  • KindaNervousLol oops
    KindaNervousLol oops 5 months ago+75

    Danielle is actually so pretty

  • Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction

    "They took me out of the streets but I'm still stuck in my ways"
    that hit home for me

  • Rudy Enciso
    Rudy Enciso 2 months ago+97


  • Sadiq Qaderi
    Sadiq Qaderi 3 months ago+44

    You know your rich when you millions of dollars worth of cars but can't drive and you have a personal driver 🤑🤑💲💲

  • Jacy Spence
    Jacy Spence a years ago+1383

    Dr Phil did this

  • Lilly D
    Lilly D 3 months ago+117

    Ariana ain't better then you she stole your song
    Me: thats copyright sis

  • Proud BoyZ
    Proud BoyZ 4 months ago+38

    I'm waiting for the Dr.Phil dis track. "Welcome to the Ranch"

  • Taylor Angulo
    Taylor Angulo 5 months ago+95

    Lost a few homies along the way, but I never needed them anyways! 🙌🙌

  • katie Farinha
    katie Farinha 4 months ago+98

    I don’t like the way she came up on fame but she’s honestly so pretty and really good at rapping 🥵🤩

  • Hydraw
    Hydraw a years ago+1549

    Drivers License I don't got it.

  • Anitta _ park
    Anitta _ park 7 months ago+48

    The beautiful girl here.... Danielle ya beautiful

  • Kesendry Arias
    Kesendry Arias 3 days ago+1

    Im new , i like the song ,, beautifull bhad bhabie

  • Amy Matnasir
    Amy Matnasir 2 months ago+11

    My sisters favorite song is Gucci flip flops and this is mine of all of yours 😁😁

  • Michel Jackson
    Michel Jackson 7 days ago+2

    Bhad bhabie can sing better then my best friend🤔🤐🤠