Gabbie Hanna Turns Me Into Gabbie Hanna

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • Annita Verata
    Annita Verata 11 months ago+17138

    The thumb nail literally looks like y’all just came from the Jersey Shore

  • Ellen
    Ellen 11 months ago+2679

    *Gabbi wanting to kiss Mykie for 28 minutes straight
    Edit: omg all the likes 0_o

  • K B
    K B 8 months ago+226

    Mykie being a panicked gay is my aesthetic

  • Gina Sikora
    Gina Sikora 10 months ago+1175

    Shane needs to do a series on Gabbie.
    "The Mind of Gabbie Hanna"
    Meanwhile it's literally all plans on how to kiss mykie

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 7 months ago+436

    GABBIE: “I’m sad that you look like a monster...”
    ME: so what if I’m the monSTAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR....... that’s been here all along

  • surey
    surey 9 months ago+272

    Once that platinum wig came on and the prosthetic came off, I swear, Mykie turned into Poppy.

  • Alana Steinacker
    Alana Steinacker 11 months ago+7288

    gabbie trying to get mykie to kiss her for 28 minutes straight

  • Kittikat4124
    Kittikat4124 10 months ago+869

    Okay, they literally said they have been friends for years I don’t personally watch Gabbie because of how over the top she is, but that’s just ADHD. I was friends with someone just like Gabbie for years and I could never finish a sentence, it’s just who she is and she doesn’t mean anything by it. And the kissing thing, me and my friends in high school used to grab each other’s boobs as a greeting and we would lick each others’ faces, hell the one I went to prom with, we slow danced and “kissed” just like Gabbie and Mykie did in this video. It’s a friends thing for people. If Mykie had really not wanted to, she would have told Gabbie to lay off and just edit it out of the video, it’s not like it would be weird for a jump cut to be in the video since that’s how Mykie edits.
    Fuck off with all this shit about Gabbie, you don’t know her like Mykie does. Would you say this kind of shit to a random stranger on the street? No? Then why do you think it’s okay to do it online?
    I’ve said my piece, hope you all can fix your rotten attitudes

  • Caitlin-Chan Gacha
    Caitlin-Chan Gacha 2 months ago+39

    Gabbie being low key gay for 27 minutes straight

  • Jane Stasiuk
    Jane Stasiuk 2 months ago+41

    I never knew they are friends!!! Their personalities work so well together, A NEW ICONIC DUO

  • Cybill Rodgers
    Cybill Rodgers 8 months ago+82

    I am literally watching this and smiling so much because of how truly happy Gabbie seems! She has come so far and she’s such a strong woman I love her so much!

  • Corinne Desta
    Corinne Desta 11 months ago+1037

    "Hello zomb-"
    "You know what I just realized?"
    " w h a t "

  • aya vrantzoglou
    aya vrantzoglou 10 months ago+82

    get you someone who looks at you like mykie looks at gabbie

  • Emily B
    Emily B 8 months ago+313

    The only thing that makes me uncomfortable about this video is the extremely negative comment section.

  • ilaughateverything
    ilaughateverything 9 months ago+150

    So many haters 😒😒 This is the most comfortable Mykie has been in a collab

  • Rachael Melva
    Rachael Melva 9 months ago+98

    I feel like the reason a lot of people don't like this is because they're used to watching mykie and they're such different people. Gabble is so loud and bubbly that's just how she is. These girls have been friends for ages and realistically nobody can say what their friendship is like

  • Sshhh Trouble
    Sshhh Trouble 9 months ago+94

    Damnnnnn Gabbie is jacked! She looks awesome!

  • Aria Moxley
    Aria Moxley 10 months ago+115

    I don’t hate gabbie!! I’m a crossover I was very happy when I found out y’all were friends! This👏🏼is👏🏼iconic👏🏼 love you guys!!

  • Thepcmaster 1.0
    Thepcmaster 1.0 10 months ago+60

    Gabbie has muscles

  • RookeyIsTrash
    RookeyIsTrash 6 months ago+48

    The way she looked at her omfG i CANT-
    *distant lesbian fangirl screaming *
    Im so sorry but like seriously these two are so adorable together even if they are polar opposites