Josh & Maya - It's not a crush

  • Published on:  8/27/2019
  • It took me a week to edit this video but I wanted to tell you the story of Maya and Josh well, since the story of the two is gradually developing, but I wanted to tell them their story in a more surprising and profound way. In many scenes of my video you can see how Maya suffers because she is in love with Josh, but he rejects her due to the age difference. And that's what I wanted to focus on in my video because Josh doesn't reject Maya because he doesn't feel anything for her, but because of the age difference of 4 years that separates them. Actually, it is not a big age difference since they are only 4 years old, but it shows a lot in our protagonists since Maya is only 13 years old and Josh 17 years old.Additional Information:● Song: Without Me ● Autor Cover: Ebony Day● Program Edit: Sony vegas pro 15● Serie: Girl Meets World