Adults React To Impossible Odds Compilation (Never Tell Me The Odds)

  • Published on:  10/24/2018
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  • The_Br0die Westbrook
    The_Br0die Westbrook 9 months ago+4359

    Everyone thinks the soccer one is about missing the goal but really it’s about hitting all 3 posts

  • Charysse James
    Charysse James 9 months ago+5920

    I think they were rating on how cool it was rather than if it was possible

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 9 months ago+2763

    React to impossible odds , but everytime they say they could do it , make them do it

  • Matthew Griffin
    Matthew Griffin 9 months ago+3652

    Missing the goal on the soccer video isn't impossible. What is virtually impossible is hitting the post or crossbar three times in a row

  • CannonBallBob
    CannonBallBob 9 months ago+2105

    Felt like they judged the vids based on how cool they were and not how impossible they were

  • Xetrelyte
    Xetrelyte 9 months ago+670

    I swear the Asian chick thinks she’s Jesus

  • tydalwave
    tydalwave 9 months ago+1862

    Hitting the bars in soccer is one of the hardest things to do though, like it's such a smaller target than the entirety of the goal...

  • Zullian Hafiz
    Zullian Hafiz 9 months ago+1114

    Missing a penalty shot and hitting the goal post 3 times in a row unintentionally are 2 completely different things.

  • Danielle Johnson
    Danielle Johnson 9 months ago+577

    Does that chick think she can do anything? Lol

  • Hartbreak1
    Hartbreak1 9 months ago+593

    “I can do that”. No you can’t. “That isn’t impressive”. Go film yourself doing it and tell me later.

  • Chhuantea
    Chhuantea 9 months ago+895

    Professional football players used to do the Crossbar Challenge, intentionally hitting it once is difficult... hitting it 3 times in a row is damn impressive even if it's not intentional

  • itsxRonin
    itsxRonin 9 months ago+874

    SO the ball in the cup was pure 'luck' and not impossible at all. But knocking out 1 single jenga piece is AMAZING? Welp.

  • Cesar Salazar
    Cesar Salazar 9 months ago+425

    All of them that said the football or soccer shots was easy, and they can do it, lies. You have to have good accuracy to hit the goal post on purpose. Three times by accident is totally crazy

  • ManuelBlews
    ManuelBlews 9 months ago+477

    On the Football/soccer one: The impossible is not missing: it's hitting the bar and post again and again.

  • Funeral Fog
    Funeral Fog 9 months ago+190

    1 for surviving accident but 5 for catching ball in the beer 😂

  • Tabitha Cakes
    Tabitha Cakes 9 months ago+174

    "Have you tried squeezing an egg with your hand before; it's hard."
    What kind of eggs are you buying or dealing with-

  • 혜영
    혜영 9 months ago+429

    The point of the video is more “what are the odds of that happening “ not whether you could do it or not. The majority of the clips happened by accident or against all odds which makes the point...
    Like the first clip. Yes it’s possible but what are the odds of that happening at the last second of a game.

    12,888,999 views 9 months ago+571

    the "soccer" one was hard because it hit the crossbar and the post. its not just missing a open goal

  • yeetusthydeletus thyfetus
    yeetusthydeletus thyfetus 9 months ago+125

    it’s harder to hit the post then to actually score