Mary Poppins Returns 2019 - Mary Poppins Best Moments #2



  • Draal the Deadly 4 months ago

    The animated scene was my favourite scene of them allShamus is my favourite🐶🐶

  • Wolf Moon 4 months ago

    do you have the whole scene of the wolf?I really like the character

  • Matthew McVey 4 months ago

    Harry hart

  • Jennifer Donlin 4 months ago

    @William Fairchild I thought the Wolf was in "Into the Woods."

  • Christian Paystrup 4 months ago

    Dang. I was not expecting a chase and it’s got to be one of the most insanely awesome things I’ve seen in my life. 😂 So glad I didn’t find out about that until just now.

  • Candy King 4 months ago

    I'm glad that I saw in the cinema not knowing what was going to happen until it came and I kid u not I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT!!!!!!!

  • Man...I hate the animated sequence ended too soon...I loved it all, the beginning, the music hall, and the chase, it was all great!I wish it went on longer....I miss this work.But what if that scary wolf was the last character we see from a hand drawn film?I wish they made more films like that now these days.

  • Tesia Blake 4 months ago

    @Cute cat the III And why? Because of the dumb copyright infringement?!

  • Xnavarro127 Is back 4 months ago

    Cute cat the III looks like I’m watching the deleted scenes of the movie on the Blu-Ray.

  • Matthew Jimenez 4 months ago

    That wolf reminds me of the banker

  • Color Panda 4 months ago

    That’s also the whole idea of the cover is not the book

  • Tesia Blake 4 months ago

    @Color Panda Exactly.

  • georgia c 4 months ago

    take a shot everytime theres a jump cut

  • Comet Bear  3 months ago

    When u came for lin......

  • They skipped “Mary Poppins, how much do you weigh?”

  • Calvin Fujii 3 months ago

    An idea for a sequel is that someone finds out about Mary Poppins and her magic and decides to steal it to become powerful enough to remake the universe into their own image, which leads to an epic villain musical number a la Shiny or Let it Lie. In the end, the many children that Mary Poppins had helped throughout the past use their own imaginations to defeat the villain.

  • Eileen Pollock 4 months ago

    The sadistic amateur editor who clipped and cut and mangled whole scenes of this film should be popped into an animated nightmare from which he will not awake til he issues a worldwide apology to all Mary Poppins Returns fans. This is a poor sample of the real thing.