As Seen On TV Gadgets Remade At Home!



  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  6 months ago+206

    Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by to watch our video. Feel free to suggest weird products you want to see us test and remake, just reply to this comment. If you want to see more stuff like this video, look no further:

  • Micah Comfort
    Micah Comfort 6 months ago+1529

    works like a charm
    Burns hand and spills pasta everywhere

  • Baby Hamsta
    Baby Hamsta 6 months ago+1096

    I like how even if their version fails they still put it in.

  • eqaul water
    eqaul water 5 months ago+241

    "Instead, use a dust pan with holes to do this easier!"
    burns hand on hot water
    spills pasta
    pot falls

  • Arex - Brawl Stars
    Arex - Brawl Stars 4 months ago+31

    machine peels of the potato for about 5-10 seconds
    HH: want a faster and simpler option?
    Me: sure!
    HH: ok, boil them for 25 minutes.

  • roblox video maker person
    roblox video maker person 6 months ago+449

    I like that he’s a review channel and a life hack channel and he doesn’t waste any time getting to the review like other channels

  • Healthy Recipe Channel
    Healthy Recipe Channel 6 months ago+618

    The Potato Peeler has the advantage of making that Potato Shoestring from the Peel that would be really cool fried and made crispy or used in a recipe.

  • Rishabh Agarwal
    Rishabh Agarwal 6 months ago+150

    I m the type of guy who eats the entire chip bag in one go, who needs a sealer ?? Duhhh 😂😂

  • Carry Me Anego
    Carry Me Anego 6 months ago+221

    > This works like a charm
    > spilling the speget
    Are you kidding me guys
    Awesome video btw

  • Thundrex
    Thundrex 6 months ago+235

    Who else was waiting for him to say "But wait, there's more!"?

  • _Bob McCoy
    _Bob McCoy 6 months ago+117

    Flex Tape has joined the chat

  • Zira Angel
    Zira Angel 6 months ago+152

    that dusttray one made me uncomfortable. don't replace something foodsafe with plastic used for the floor.

  • A Drum Tsukumogami
    A Drum Tsukumogami 6 months ago+96

    *5-Minute Crafts has left the chat*

    NYGJMAP 6 months ago+61

    So should I score and boil my apples before I peel them?

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice 6 months ago+20

    7:31 "this works like a charm" drops the pasta pot into the sink

  • Random Thinker
    Random Thinker 6 months ago+83

    For the heat sealer,you could also just place some aluminium foil on the packet opening and iron it,i saw it on some video and it works perfectly !!
    Also i just wanted to ask how many members are there in your team,since you generally refer to yourself as 'we'.

  • Gene Yuyiboy Jimenez
    Gene Yuyiboy Jimenez 6 months ago+25

    Don’t think dustpan plastic is food safe.. 🤷🏽‍♂️ just saying.

  • Prithvi Singh
    Prithvi Singh 6 months ago+76

    Best gadget tester on youtube..

  • Taehyungs Princess
    Taehyungs Princess 5 months ago+8

    "works like a charm" as he burnt his hand and 80% of the noodles fell lmao

  • Elias Ibay
    Elias Ibay 6 months ago+9

    This is waaaay better than 5-minute crafts. I L.O.V.E it
    very smart way for hacks
    everybody loves this